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Jake Furie Lapin: Some Cock for Kara?: Part 2

As Kara invited me into her house, I was suspicious of her motives. I suspected she wanted more.

When we went inside the house, things got intense.  She poured us both some wine and we started chatting. I told her about some of my sexual history, including the stories of Elaine and Tina. I had mentioned Elaine to her before, but Kara was a great listener and this time I went into more detail about my experiences.

I wanted her to open up too, so I asked her when she had known that she was a lesbian and that she didn’t like men anymore.

Kara said that when she was younger she had been experimenting with her sexuality. She had spent some time on a rich man’s yacht, boating along the Jersey Shore in the summer.

At the time,  she was the only woman on board, with several young guys in their twenties.

“What were they like?”, I asked.

“Oh, they were mostly really good guys. Young, fit and hot. I liked almost all of them, except for one. He was a real asshole. I could smell it on him.”

“So what happened?”

“I agreed to have group sex with three of the of the guys, the ones I really liked. But the fourth man, the one I really despised, decided to force himself into the group sex. We were all pretty drunk, but I still was really clear about not wanting to be with him. I specifically told the extra guy that I didn’t want him to participate or to have sex with me, in any way.”  Kara’s eyes were full of pain as she told the story. I put my arm around her.

“So, he didn’t listen?”

“No. It…it ended up being something very similar to a gang rape, because the other men – the guys that I thought were my friends -- didn’t stop the other guy from being part of the sex act. I was telling them “no” but and I was basically forced to have sex with all of them at the same time. “

I was really shocked and sad for her, but I asked her why she hadn’t fought back and tried to wrestle her way out of the situation. Kara was a tall, sturdy girl; she was extremely athletic and could take on most guys.

“Oh yeah?” She said. “You think I should have wrestled my way out?”

“Uh huh.” I nodded.

“Kinda like this…?”  Smiling, Kara grabbed me and started wrestling with me. We fell back onto her couch.

I realized where things were going. “Kara, I need to tell you something.”

She pulled back. “What?”

“This reminds me of my first threesome experience. That was also with a lesbian, or two, actually. And honestly, I kind of felt used. I don’t think that we should have sex unless it’s really meaningful.”

Kara was surprised, but agreed with me. She brought out some bedding and set up the couch for me to sleep on.

In the morning, I was amazed to wake up and found that my hands had been bound above my head, and a blindfold had been placed over my eyes. I could smell Kara’s perfume and feel her stroking my abs.

“Kara…this feels amazing, but like I told you, I don’t want to do anything unless it’s meaningful.”

She whispered in my ear, “Oh, this will be meaningful, Jake. You’re a first guy I’ve been with who really respected me.”

I felt a little nervous. “Should we use a safe word, or something?”

She laughed a little. “No. This is going to be so amazing, I am going to fuck you so good, that we won’t need a safe word.

She proceeded to go down on me, making my cock stiff by licking and sucking me with her mouth and lips before she climbed on top of me and rode me to climax. She did other things to me, that I could never put in words, it was incredible. She had made her own line of candles called "Pride Candel", and took one of them and proceeded to drip hot wax on my body, along my chest down to my waist, torso, cock, and balls, often quietly giggling at my pain. At the end, she released my hands but kept me blindfolding, head resting on my chest, hands caressing me.  I held her firmly, we both knew, a night, a moment, never to be spoken about in public.

We stayed great friends afterwards, often hanging out and joking around with each other. We never really talked about it, but I knew we would never be together again sexually, and she told me on several times that if she ever chose to be with a guy again, it would be me.


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Friday, December 13, 2013

Jake Furie Lapin:Some Cock for Kara?: Part 1

During my career in IT, one of my main clients would often send me to his own home to make sure that the home computer was connecting into the office network. He had been married once before (a story for another time) but was now remarried. His new wife was often at the house when I was fixing the computer network there. One day I was working in the office and I noticed a photograph that was beautifully framed next to the computer. In it there was an incredibly attractive woman with a great smile. I asked my client’s wife, “Who is that?” She told me that it was her sister.

Intrigued, I asked if her sister was seeing anyone, or was single. With a laugh, she replied,

“Oh, she’s single. But I’m not sure that you’re her type.” 

And with that, she winked at me and walked away.  At that point, I really wasn't sure what she meant by that, I was slightly hurt by her blunt statement, but I just let it go.

Three or four weeks later, my client asked me to set up another computer, this time at his office building. He told me it was for a new company employee. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw the girl from the photo! The new employee was his wife’s gorgeous sister.

I couldn't help but strike up a conversation with her, and discovered that she was as personable as she was beautiful. However, as we chatted, I started looking around her office and had a startling realization. All of the art on the walls and the books on the shelves gave something away. It slowly dawned on me: she was a gay! The dead giveaway was the gay pride flag that she proudly pinned on her cork board. That is what her sister had meant by ‘not her type’.

Fortunately, I realized this fact in time to keep from making a fool of myself, and Kara and I actually really hit it off. Starting that day, we developed a close friendship and would often spend time together after work, shopping at the mall, getting lunch talking about our dates, and even partying at clubs in Manhattan.

After three or four years of friendship, while Kara was in a serious relationship with another woman, she and I decided to go to a particular club in the city. At the club people were playing with glow sticks, the type that you can wear around your neck, and smaller ones that people passed around orally. Some of the girls, including Kara and her girlfriend, started passing around tiny glow sticks with their teeth. All the girls involved were other lesbians who knew Kara. The game of passing the glow sticks was just between them, and they
would leave me out of it, and I would slowly tip toe my way to the bar as they flirted with each other. But as the night went on, we got more and more drunk, at then Kara levitated towards me and surprised me by passing a glow stick to me with her mouth, kissing me in the process. This happened few different times, and initially I wrote it off as drunk friendly fun. The final time it happened, as Kara passed the stick to me she actually kissed me more passionately, with a little bit of tongue. She then nibbled on my bottom lip. It was obvious to me that something more was going on.

To avoid hurting our tight friendship, I excused myself from the group, and made my way to the clubs unisex bathroom.  It was a large 40 x 80 room, with urinals on one side, and stalls on the other side.  Drugs were prevalent in the club, "E" or "X" or cocaine were often the site.  I never used the urinals, as often gay men would always look over and make you feel uncomfortable, so I waiting in line to use the stall.  When I entered inside, and finished urinating, I cleaned myself, and turned around to exit the stall, to find a short drunk girl staring at me.  She had sneaked in the stall with me, and she said, 

"I've been watching you all night dancing with those hot girls, I want to suck you, pull your pants back down, and let's fuck now in the stall." 

I smiled, and said

"Listen, ummm, I am gay, we are all just hanging out having a good time, is that ok?" 

I don't know why I said that, as Kara's kiss was still fresh on my mind. 

"You ARE gay!!, How can you turn this down?" she proclaimed in big disbelief.

Indeed she was hot, great body, beautiful hair, skin, and eyes...but, just to fuck me like that without knowing me, was a big turn off.  I pushed her drunk ass aside, and kissed her on the forehead and said, 

"Listen, there are tons of guys here, I'm sure someone will want their dick sucked, just not me."  

I exited the stall, and as soon I as left, Kara was standing right outside, just looking and laughing at me, nodding her head.

On our way home, I shared a cab with Kara and several other girls back to Hoboken, NJ, where I left my car to drive everyone home. We dropped the girls off one by one and she and I were left alone together in the car. When we arrived at Kara's house, she looked over at me and gave me that look, that special look, that ‘fuck me face’ we all joke about. I recognized it immediately.

"Jake, you are way all over the road, come inside, the alcohol is hitting you hard.. " she whispered in her drunk voice, holding my wrist

"I love you as a friend, you have been amazing to me, and I don't want to lose you."

I was unbelievably shaking, and sheer butterflies ripped through me.  We were both heavily drunk, and both had the attraction to each other. My mind told me to leave, my heart told me to stay.  I paused and stared at her eyes and I knew I had to say something smooth soon.

What happens with Jake and Kara? Find out in the next blog…


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