What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

The total cost of the project is estimated and projected to cost $45,000.00, $30,000.00 of which the author has funded with his own money.  The money will mostly be used to edit, copyright, print, and market books 1 through 3, as well as finance the production of the periodical Jake's Chronicles.. Additionally, there are monthly recurring costs to keep the project alive, including SoundCloud storage, GoToMeeting Access, Adobe WebSuite Cloud Subscription,  Hootsuite Pro for Teams, etc.  Even further, a MacBook is needed to access the Apple store, and additional equipment is desired, such as an Ipad and Kindle variants in order to mimic the user experience.  All the characters and scripts have been completed, and Book 1 is 2/3 completed through my own funds (About $15,000.00 US remaining to finish book 1). This has become an interactive book (Book 3), using social media accounts.  The interactions occur through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc..and is the content of the 3rd book.

  • Each $10 pledge will receive a personal handwritten thank you note.
  • Each $25 pledge will receive all smaller rewards plus: a free ebook version of the book, either through Amazon or Apple Kindle
  • Each $75 pledge will receive all smaller rewards plus: a limited edition "The Spice of Life" hat with TSOL logo
  • Each $250 pledge will receive all smaller reward pledges plus: A free copy of the softcover book signed by me.
  • Each $1,000 will receive all smaller rewards plus: I am making 75 custom designed books to support my supporters, my funders and people who have helped me directly with this project for close to free (my artist, my editors, those who influenced my life and supported me, which is about 20). Each $1k pledge gets a custom book signed by me but limited to one per person. Minimum I will create is 20, and if by chance someone pledges the whole $15,000.00, than 21 will be created. I want to limit the production as much as possible. Additionally a "discovered by" recognition in front part of book.
  • Each $10,000 will receive all smaller rewards plus: A custom oil painting signed by me, along with the custom book signed by me. The graphic is a PDF of the actual oil painting. Additionally a personal dinner invite with the author in New York City Manhattan

Funding goal as of 6/1/2014                 $15,000.00

Current money needed as of 8/15/2014    $ FUNDED