Facebook TSOLVixens Street Team Info

Facebook TSOLVixens Street Team Info

The Spice of Life Vixens Street Team group account on Facebook has been created to recognize the select group of ladies that have gone above and beyond the support of the book "The Spice of Life", the eMagazine "Jake's Chronicles:, and the demi-characters, Jake Furie Lapin and Kelli Lemberg. The TSOL Street Team page is a way to keep members informed about the book, magazine, blogs, challenges/bets and general information. It is also a way to help not only support but to promote the book, magazine, author MHS Pourri, and lead characters, Jake & Kelli.

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Read Here Carefully the Guidelines:

To gain entry into TSOL Vixens Street Team the follow must be done: 

      Read the rules and fill out the Membership & Confidentiality Agreement

Once entry has been granted the following is required by all members:
1)  Follow Jake Furie Lapin, Kelli Lemberg, as well as Kristina Matury (Street Team Admin). Additionally the ePublishing account Blackman Morgan Sachs Group, The Spice of Life Page and new periodical account Jake’s Chronicles Page is necessary (please follow and like the pages).  Optional are sub sections of the periodical, Bode DNA and Kelli’s Korner (please follow and like the pages). 
2)  Share new blog or book/magazine posts.  The account may vary, depending upon the nature of post, so it may come from the Book, Periodical or Publisher accounts (all open accounts.)
3)  Optional but highly appreciated: When new blogs are posted, comment on the blogs on the www.goodreads.com site (need a PC to comment on the blog). Additionally, when the magazine is released monthly, and the book eventually, comments on goodreads.com and amazon.com much needed.
4)  After a 3/4 week trial period new members who have demonstrated the ability to follow the rules will remain on the team.
5)  OPTIONAL Download the SoundCloud App to listen to prior webinars and book meetings (Follow Jake Furie Lapin on SoundCloud)
6)  OPTIONAL Download the GotoMeeting App for your PC, Iphone, Ipad, or Android to join the weekly meetings.  To join and listen to the meeting see below:

1. Please join my meeting.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.
      United States: +1 (626) 521-0013
      Access Code: 900-162-709
      Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

       Meeting ID:900-162-709

**The Password is on the placard located on The Spice of Life Street Team account

7)  OPTIONAL Join the equivalent team on Twitter @TSOLVixens. Click here for those rules (mostly similar, different concept). 
8)  ALL MEMBERS will be required to sign a Membership & Confidentiality Agreement in order to  protect Jake Furie Lapin's interests.  The agreement only has to be done once whether you want to join either one or both of the Twitter and Facebook teams.
9)  OPTIONAL Attend the weekly Author/Street Team/Vixens meetings, currently 2 time slots on different days via the GoToMeeting App (PC, Ipad, Iphone, or Android)

**Questions, please contact Lead Street Team Leaders: 

While we are a group who loves to have fun, the follow rules are in place:
1)  NO DRAMA – Please leave it at the door, this rules includes all four accounts.
2)  No posts for other authors. This page is strictly for the promotion of Mhs Pourri /Jake Furie Lapin, so please show your respect for him.
3)  If you are having personal issues or problems with a fellow street team member, Jake, or Kelli please do not air them in out for all to see on Facebook. Name calling of anyone will not be tolerated.  If there is a problem please send a DM to either Teresa or Kristina.
4)  Remember that both Jake and Kelli are RP Demi-Characters, meaning that they also have families and jobs to do and may not always respond back right away. Please do not take it personally.
5)  Have fun and make a few new friends.
6)  It is strongly recommended that you create a FacebookList that includes all accounts and any street team members that you have become close with.

Important information:

If there is an issue with a street team member being unable to follow the above mentioned Guidelines and Rules it will be addressed on a one-on-one basis with a street team lead member or Jake. 

All street team members that survive membership when softcover is released will receive the book, "The Spice of Life", signed by the author Jake Furie Lapin.