Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book 2: Birthday Gift

Today was Marci's birthday, and I wanted to do something special for her, she has taught me so much in such little time.  "Flowers, candy, dinner maybe, bring over a bottle of wine and maybe make her something special... ", were all ideas flowing through my head.

My roommates Tom and Charlie barged into the dorm chanting,

"Togaaa, Togaaa, Togaaa.... "

"What is up with you guys? " I said chuckling

"Dude, tonight is the big Greek Toga party at the frat house, you going or what?" cried Tom

"Shit, I really can't.  It's Marci's birthday and I want to do something really special for her, any ideas?"

"You are sooooo pussy whipped, man, you've been with this chic for a few months now, don't you get tired of the same pussy every day, same pussy, day in and day out, is she really that good?" replied Tom

Charlie was just shaking his head in disbelief.  "Are you falling for her? You know everyone gets laid at a Toga party, best to go early and get the hot ones before you are left out."

"Actually, I think I am, the chemistry is amazing, even though she is older, and told me it would end, I don't think it will"

They left the room in disbelief, laughing at me, but I didn't care.  I showered and got dressed, picked up a pizza and bottle of wine to meet Marci for her birthday at her place, figuring we can watch movies and relax the evening.  She hated going out and was a pizza whore like me.

I knocked on her townhouse door, anxious to spend my Friday night with her.

"JAKE!!!, how cute!!!, you remembered" she said laughingly to me as she opened the door in her bathrobe.  She looked sexy as usual, hair a mess, and I knew she was naked underneath.  She loved to snuggle naked in bed.

"I forgot to tell you, I have a big project to work tonight and over the weekend, I really need some time to myself, I really can't spend much time tonight, I'm sorry."

"Oh.." I replied, and my smile quickly turned to sad disappointment.

"Awwwww, come here. ", taking the pizza box from me, leading me her round kitchen table.  "We are getting too close, this is all about the fun, but I like your style, Jake."  She quickly grabbed a slice and took a bite.  "I want you to learn to curb your feelings, and learn to have fun, this is what I want for my birthday gift, if you can do something for me?"

"Okay...sure, what do you want?" I grudgingly replied.

"Have you been with anyone else here at college, has it all been me so far?" she asked

"You know the answer, I've been here every time you asked and then some, really have no time for anyone else, plus work, plus school, and I've been missing all the parties on purpose to stay away from temptation, I even passed on a Toga party tonight, because I hear it's just a fuck fest and hookups.."

"Ok, this is what I want you to do for me, I really feel you are missing out on some fun times here, you need to explore a bit.  I want you to go to the Toga party, have a good time, but....." she paused smiling.

"But what? Get drunk, flirt, and get blue balls, frustrated and go home? Control my cock, test myself, behave..." I said sarcastically.

"Actually, no.  Have a good time, find a girl that you have chemistry with, carry a good conversation.  If things go well, I want you to fuck her, fuck her like I fuck you with everything I've shown you so far, like she is your last, but think of me the whole time, AND I've been missing out on a few things also, I want you to come back later tonight, I don't care what time after the party, and I want to taste her pussy juices off of your cock.  I want the full details of your night as I'm sucking you, tasting the mixed juices, listening to your session with her, ok? We will then open this nice wine bottle you brought."

"What, really??" I was in shock "I don't even have clothes to go, and it's getting late!!".

"That's what I want, and it's never late too in those parties, the hoe's will be taken early, find a nice quiet girl, it's those that are better in bed anyways, and I have a sheet here to wear. Savoring the taste is my birthday gift."

She went to the closet and pulled for me a fresh sheet, undressed me, and whisked me on my way back to the front door.

"You are really serious...", I still couldn't believe this request, and what kind of birthday gift is this anyways.

I took a cab ride to the party, what a zoo.

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