Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jake Furie Lapin: Realized and Unrealized Sexual Fantasies: Part 1

Many of my readers, including members of the @TSOLVixens Twitter group, have been curious about some of my realized and unrealized fantasies.  There are many facets to both, of course.  In this blog, I will explore and divulge some of my realized fantasies, while my next blog (Part 2) will describe some of my unrealized fantasies.

I've done pretty much what most women have fantasized about, and in essence have been the conduit for them, including MFM, MFF, indoors in taboo places, BDSM in all forms, etc, all of which will be exposed in the series.  Having sex in the great outdoors is a common fantasy, and one that I've shared.  I have had the privilege of participating in many incredible experiences with my lovers.  One in particular stands out to me. Several years ago, at the height of my online activity, I met a woman and we agreed to meet each other face to face in Atlantic City, at the Bor Hotel.  She was the VP of Entertainment for a competing casino, which made it all the more wilder.  This particular casino hotel had a parking deck that reached about 15 stories with a view of all the casino hotels facing the ocean.

I remember that it was a gorgeous, warm summer evening, with a sensual light breeze.  My date and I met at a local wine bar to get to know each other a little bit and establish whether or not there was chemistry between us.  The chemistry was absolutely there, and by the end of the night, I could see that look in her eye: the look that said, “Yes.”  That look. We walked slowly back to the hotel, flirting.  On the way, she told me that her fantasy had always been to have sex at the top of a parking garage, where she could feel free and open to the entire world.

I was happy to oblige, and we soon found ourselves in my convertible at the 15th level of the parking garage.  We started kissing, and I slid my hand up underneath her mini skirt.  I was pleased to find that she was not wearing any panties, was completely clean shaven, and was already wet for me.  I slipped one finger, then two, inside of her, while I kissed her neck and sucked on her earlobe.  She started to moan and buck her pussy against my hand.  Then, suddenly, she whispered, “Let me go down on you.  I need you in my mouth.”

I leaned back and she deftly unzipped my jeans and drew out my cock.

“My god, you’re HUGE! she moaned.  “I love going down on a massive cock.”

She licked and twirled her tongue up and down the head of my cock, and then began to suck my shaft and balls.  She was amazing at giving head, and after 20 minutes, I knew I was about to cum, HARD.

“I can suck on this cock all day” she said .“It's sooo beautiful, and STIFF!!”

Grinning, I asked “Where do you want it?”

She simply grinned back up at me, drew back, and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue, before wrapping her warm, wet lips around me again.  I grasped her head in both hands, thrust hard, and finally exploded inside her sweet, hot mouth and throat.

She moaned with pleasure, licking her lips.  She then drew my hand back down to between her naked thighs, eagerly, and this time she rocked herself to a fierce climax, soon cumming all over my hand and gushing fluid down my fingers and wrist.We fooled around more after that, for several hours.  It was an incredible experience, being free and open underneath the sky, and the possibility that someone could come around the corner and find us exposed there at any minute just made it better.  There is more to Beth that I won't reveal in this blog, except in my chronicles book, however this incident broke the ice for a few more crazy adventures in Atlantic City with her.

That experience is one of my favorite “realized”  fantasies that comes to mind.  As I mentioned, there are many more, though.  I've had numerous other encounters outdoors, including my lover Jade, who adored having nude photos taken in different locations outdoors and is described more in the book, "The Spice of Life"

Of course, in the list of my “realized” fantasies, I've also experienced both sides of being a sub and a Dom in the bedroom and have passionately pursued my journey from being submissive to becoming a Master and loving Dom.

As for my unrealized fantasies…there are plenty of those, too…But the biggest one will shock and amaze you.

What are Jakes unrealized sexual fantasies? Find out in Part 2.

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  1. Vivid description always puts you in the moment. Jake finds this interaction pleasurable enough to seek similar experiences. Excited for part 2 and chronicles.

  2. Woohoo I'm first. Anyway... First of all the picture attached is Super Sexy. I keep staring at it. Second...Amazing as always. I love getting to see Jake being involved in the seducing. We have always see Jake being dominated. This time we actually see him enjoy the art of sex. I really would have thought it would have been different but I like the unpredictability of the situation. Being so high up must feel like you are flying. And let's be real under the stars is sexy. Really sets the mood. Loved all the tiny details. Feels like we are the one in the car with you. Can't wait for Part 2 and the books of course. Curious to see what you haven't done! ;-)

  3. Sexy,hot,big,really big realized fantasy. I like thatJake is willing to fullfil your sexual fantasy. To picture the way Jake has sex. Amazing. Fantasy;)

  4. Wow! What other surprises can Jake be hiding?
    If this. Is a realised fantasy then I can't wait to hear what the un-realised fantasies are especially if it is going to shock and amaze is.
    Every blog I read, the detailed way in which you explain your encounters makes my imagination run away with me and at the most inopportune moments.
    Looking forward to reading Part 2. Will we be shocked and amazed at your un-realized or will it be something we all harbour a desire for secretly????

  5. This blog was incredibly hot!! It's a good thing I'm taking a shower shortly...just saying ;) I love that their first encounter was playing out a fantasy and really liked seeing Jake in a nonsubmissive sexual interaction. The the picture...no words. Can't wait for part II.

  6. Gotta love the great outdoors. The thrill of being caught always gets the adrenaline pumping, making the experience so much more intense!

    I'm intrigued to see what your "Unrealised" fantasies will be.... ;)

    Love the pic

  7. Holy hell that is one hot blog and one hot fantasy. So nice that one is willing to put ones own secret desires out there for everyone to read. written so well I can just see your passion come through your words. Cannot wait for part two.

  8. Can't wait for part 2...hope it cums out soon!

  9. Wow! the picture alone is sizzling hot to look at and it makes a girl have wild imaginations about you in the shower. This blog should come with a warning that says you'll need a cold shower after reading it! ; ) As always your blogs are amazing to read. I always look forward to reading the next one to see what else you're going to surprise us with in your journey to becoming a loving Dom. After reading this realized fantasy, I can't even being to imagine what your unrealized sexual fantasy will be, but I'll be anxiously waiting for when you post it!!

  10. Oh... my.. goodness! That so far has to be the hottest thing I've read in a while! Fantastic!


  11. More power to a woman that takes what she wants, when she wants it.

  12. Curiouser and curiouser. That is how this blog has left me. Curious to know more about how your transition from being a sub to a Dom has changed you, if it has at all. But this is one hot experience that has left me wanting more...

  13. Curiouser and curiouser..that is how this left me. Curious about how the change from being a sub to a Dom has changed you, if at all... but this experience has left me wanting to a lot more about the man..

  14. Very hot and exciting blog.....A fantasy that everyone can imagining fulfilling one day...Jake makes you realise that anything is possible if you are willing to let go..and go for it.


  15. I never realized until recently that having sex outside was something I wanted or was capable of doing. I enjoyed Jake's outdoor adventure almost as much as my own.

  16. I really enjoyed this. Fifty shades eat your heart out this is the real deal. Hot and exciting but not dirty. By the way sex outside is liberating, just don't get caught and oh make sure you can find your clothes after.