Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Spice of Life: Chapter 1 Preview

He was fucking her, and it was fantastic. Her entire body was alive with pleasure and she was close to cumming, hard. He had her arms pinned down over her head, and he was thrusting fully into her, in missionary position, with her naked legs thrown over his shoulders. She lifted her whole body up to take him in. God, it felt good. So incredibly good. His cock must be absolutely huge; her whole pussy was full of him. She was almost there, straining against him to reach her climax. Now he grabbed her hand, and put her fingers in his mouth. Sucking on them. Then he started to lap at the top of her hand with his tongue. Kelli wasn’t sure why he was spending so long there and was annoyed. It started to feel strange. Why was his tongue so sloppy? Where was her orgasm? What was…what….?  Her eyes opened, and she immediately jerked her hand off the bed, where it lay on top of the sheets. Her golden retriever, Samson, was looking up at her from the side of the bed with big wet and yes, his drooling tongue. Her hand was covered in his drool. “ Oh my god. Gross, Samson!” Kelli groaned. “Ewwwwww.” She pushed Samson away and rolled over, feeling disgusted, but the atmosphere of the sex dream was still with her. She closed her eyes and tried to remember the face of the man who was fucking her, but it was just a shadow. Not someone she’d ever even met. Even as she tried to recall the details, the dream disappeared. Ugh, she thought. Forget about it. Better get up.  Even before she rose to check, she knew that the day outside was hard, cold and bright. She groaned inwardly. Not even any snow. Snow would have made today just a little bit easier.  She turned from the window, just in time to see Paul twitch and let out a snort in his sleep. Gazing at her husband of twenty-two years, she saw the slack, open mouth, the spot of dried spittle on his stubbled cheek, and the flannel pajamas she’d been trying to convince him to throw away for years. Looking at him, the familiar thought came: He looks ridiculous. Then the equally familiar pang of guilt, and ache of loneliness. Maybe we can make a new start this year. She made another mental note to talk to Paul about New Year’s Eve, and fresh beginnings.

It was early still, too early to call either of the girls, so Kelli went downstairs to make coffee. The tree lights were on; she hadn't had the heart to turn them off before bed. They winked at her, reminding her of all those Christmases with Kaitlyn and Simone. The girls used to wake them up at 6:00 a.m., or even earlier, especially when they were really small. Paul and Kelli would be dragged out of bed and stumble down in their bathrobes, exhausted from late-night gift-wrapping and glasses of eggnog, while their daughters squealed with delight and tore open stockings and gifts. As the girls became teenagers, they slept in much later, but there was still always an air of excitement and anticipation in the house on Christmas morning.

This morning, though, barely felt like Christmas at all. With both children gone for the first time, the emptiness in the house was palpable. Kelli sipped her coffee listlessly and gazed at the gifts under the tree. Definitely a smaller pile than usual. Her eldest daughter, Kaitlyn, was happily settled in CA, where she’d landed last year, after graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in social work. Simone, Kelli’s youngest, was a sophomore at Columbia, but was currently travelling in Europe. Kelli had mailed all of Kaitlyn’s presents to her in California, but the gifts for Simone were there. They’d discussed it, and decided that it made more sense for Simone to open them when she returned from her  law firm internship in the spring. Kelli had pressed her youngest daughter, “Don’t you want something now? Let me send you one or two little gifts, at least!”, but Simone had been adamant. “It’s fine, Mom.”, she’d said. “Honestly! I’m going to be in Biarritz for Christmas, and presents would just get in the way. That is, if they even made it here on time.”  Kelli had felt mildly hurt, but she let it go. That was one thing about being a therapist: one learned to let go. Or at least, one learned how to let go. Doing it could be a whole other matter.

Her thoughts turned again to Paul. They’d agreed to take it easy on the gifts for each other this year. Not that it really made a difference; Paul had never really been a great gift-giver, even in the early days of their marriage. He’d made an effort for a long time, though; she had to give him that. At one point he’d even gotten it right a couple of times; a beautiful silk scarf one year, or a bottle of her favorite perfume. But things had changed lately, and it had become increasingly impossible to mask her disappointment at opening up yet another set of towels, or photo frames. She knew he tried, but couldn't help but wonder, did he really have so little sense of what she enjoyed, or needed? Eventually, his gifts to her trickled to almost nothing: a token bottle of hand lotion, a pair of gloves. After decades, she’d almost convinced herself that she’d accepted this part of him, but there was still that tiny sting, every Christmas, every birthday, every anniversary. Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, they’d decided to get the whole thing over with and had opened each others’ gifts. She bought him the latest tablet, and he bought her a set of new copper-bottomed pots and pans. She wasn't even surprised. She didn't even like to cook – never had – but whatever.  It was just another reflection of the state of their relationship.

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  1. This book starts off with quite a bang, giving a tease or taste of what's to come. You are immediately pulled into the Kelli character. This excerpt easily conveys the books point of view. Easy, flowing, leaving you wanting to read more.

  2. I loved this story as it gives you everything , from family , Samson ( God's greatest teacher of compassion ). To knowing sometimes when love seems to be fading a mind can help you live in the moment of wanting to be wanted !!! Looking forward to the book

  3. Awesome absolutely awesome!!!!!

  4. Wow !!! I am speechless. How intense the story is. I know many women who are married feel. I cannot wait till the book comes out and I know many women will read this book to find out what happens and also where it might lead them in there life.

  5. Wow, totally blew me away! So intense, so real. Kelli is very familiar, very real for me. How many of us woman have had a dream like that? I know I have!!! I am looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

  6. I am speechless! Amazing! Can't wait for the book.

  7. I'm so hooked! Having my morning coffee and I just wanted to keep on reading

  8. I love it so far! Great way to introduce things. Can't wait to read more

  9. Just started reading and im hooked