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Jake Furie Lapin: BDSM Lesson Part 2

I text back, "What is your name sweetheart, we had such a good time, you never told me?"

"Megan, can I ask you something?" , she replied

"Sure, call me, I hate having text conversations, they lose their meaning, and you can guide me into your secret place, it's kinda dark."

The phone rang, "Jake, I've never done this before, but we had such great chemistry, and I am a bit hesitant.  What is the deal with you and one of the waitress there? She kept looking over at us and trying to interrupt."

"Oh her, yes.  We dated a few times, turns out she was into BDSM also, but she is too much of a liar, and child.  It's actually funny because she forgets her lies and continues to lead a life wrapped around a 38 year old manager there who sleeps with as many girls there as possible.  I wouldn't stick my cock in her if she was the last, trust me Megan, I'm about quality, not quantity." I assured her.

"I trust you, I don't why I do so early, but my gut is telling me you are deeper than a physical hook up", Megan cheerily replied.

Megan and I had an earlier discussion about food, while at the charity event.  I informed her that I enjoyed cooking and experimenting with certain dishes.  I read a lot about cooking, dieting, and health, and so did she.  She lived in a townhouse, and due to the layout we had to go through her kitchen to get to her non-formal living area.  I noticed she had some expensive cooking utensils on the counter, including an extravagant 20 piece knife set and complimented her on them.

We made our way to her living room couch, and as we were talking, she asked what do I drink? I told her that I enjoy Cranberry Vodka after a couple of beers, and she made one for the both of us.

After a few drinks she got closer to me and lunged in quickly for a kiss.  Once we started kissing a bit she said to me, “I know you are into the BDSM lifestyle.  I want you to teach me.  Tell me what it’s about and train me in becoming a submissive.”

“I would be willing to train you, but I do not have time for a full-blown relationship,” I responded.

“I understand.  Right now I want to take things slow.  I am trying to start my life over after my abusive relationship,” she stated.

We made our way to the bedroom, and I noticed she had a nice candle layout.  We got naked quickly.

 “Do you have any belts and thin sheets?” I asked.

She showed me where she kept them.  I grabbed a couple of her belts and sheets.

 “Do you trust me?” I asked her.
“The moment I started talking to you I loved your voice.  I trust you 1000%,” she replied.

I took the two sheets and bound her legs wide open to the posts and I took a few of her belts and tied her wrists to the headboard.  She seemed very nervous at first. “Relax,” I said to her, “Everything will be fine.”

“Don’t worry.  Do what you want to do to me,” she answered, probably somewhat due to her intoxicated state, but it set things at ease.

I lit about 6 or 7 of her candles.  “These are going to come into play at some point in the night,” I informed her.  She looked a bit confused.

“This has to come off,” I said, referring to the thin strip of hair above her clam.

“That’s fine,” she assured me, “I promise to shave it off tomorrow, or tonight after we have sex I will shower and shave it.”

“No,” I said, “I’m going to take care of it right now.”  I went to the bathroom and took out her cream and razor, while she was bound to the bed.  I carefully shaved the excess hair that was above her clam.  I wiped her down, and gave her a soft kiss ontop of her pubic bone.

“Next time, make sure you are smooth and ready for me,” I demanded.

“I will,” she said.

I commanded, “No.  Say yes, Sir.”  She understood and promptly nodded her head and bit her tongue.

The candles had been lit awhile, so I grabbed one and dripped some wax on her nipples, chest, stomach, thighs and shin. She flinched a few times, but quickly realized that she enjoyed the pain and pleasure, just as I had learned when I lost my virginity.  I didn't drip any wax on her scars, instead towards the end I kissed all of her scars.

“You are a beautiful woman.  Don’t ever let a man bring you down that way,” I told her.  She almost teared up in happiness.

All the wax had dried in drops all over her body.   “I will be right back,” I assured her.  I went into her beautiful gourmet kitchen and found a filet knife for cutting fish.  When I returned to the bedroom she had a horrified look on her face.

“Don’t worry,” I said while calming her.

I then slowly and carefully peeled all of the wax off of her body with the edge of the knife.  She was quivering and panting, most likely reliving the terror of her abusive past.  After I removed all of the wax, I returned the knife to the kitchen, re-entered the bedroom and immediately released her from her bindings.

As soon as she was free she lunged and grabbed and held me hard, “Thank you so much! I’m very much in love with you!” she said excitedly.

“You are not in love me .  Right now, you just learned what BDSM is all about.  It’s all about trust and being open with one another, about pushing your limits and overcoming your fears.” I said to her.

"I want to fuck you now!", Megan exclaimed.

I informed her, “Megan, we are NOT going to have sex tonight.  We are going to rest, snuggle, and absorb what we have gone through.”

We held each other that night, but I didn't sleep.  Megan fell asleep on my chest, holding me still tight.  I kept thinking all night, what will I do to her tomorrow in the morning?

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Jake Furie Lapin: BDSM lesson Part 1

Recently, I received an invite from a more upscale burger joint that was hosting a charity event in another county.  I decided to attend, and perhaps with the influence of my online followers that might be local,  I could help them get a decent crowd.  When I arrived at the place it was extremely busy and the charity had already begun.  It was my first visit there and I was excited to try their cuisine. When I sat down, I ordered a tuna appetizer and one of their craft beers.  Next to me was a couple, and I happened to notice that they had a very unusual clam appetizer.  Because food is one of my loves, I took a longer than normal stare at it.

As the night continued, I had another one of the craft beers, which was putting me into a mood.  The female next to me , who I assumed was her date had asked, “What appetizer is that?”  I had ate about half of it because I wasn't enjoying it.

I told her, “It’s a peppered tuna appetizer, which I normally order in my favorite sushi restaurant, but his one really isn't doing it for me.  In fact, the tuna seems a bit rotten, old.”

She and I started talking about sushi restaurants.  She had mentioned another one that was close to where we were that was for a high end crowd.  I told her I had been there several times but I preferred a place that was a bit more low key, and was probably the best sushi in New Jersey.

“Maybe one day I will take you there” Smiling, I threw at her to see if she would bite.

I felt a little awkward because who I thought was her date, was joining in our conversation back and forth.  He seemed to cut out sometimes and put himself away from the conversation, so I thought it could have been her brother or perhaps a co-worker. I wasn't really sure what to make of the guy next to her.  I had no intention of meeting anybody or flirting with anybody; my only intention that night was going there to support a charity.

As the night wore on, she had offered to share her appetizer.  “Would you like to have some of my clam?” she asked with a flirtatious smile.

I told her, “I prefer my clams to be totally raw and smooth.”

She smiled and said, “Well mine has a small carpet on it.  Would that be okay?”

“In my lifestyle, I prefer to have it smooth and bare.  I might have to take it off for you.” I dared.

She then asked, “What is your lifestyle?”

“I am into the BDSM lifestyle,” I answered her.

She said, “Oh, I’m very curious about it, but I don’t know what to do, or how to go about exploring the BDSM lifestyle.”

“There is plenty of reading to do ahead, and you should definitely research it first before getting into the lifestyle,” I informed her.

We started to talk a little bit further when her date left to use the bathroom.  “Would you be willing to show me?” she probed.

I smiled at her, “Hmm.  We will just have to see.”

Changing the subject, she asked, “What do you do?”

I divulged to her, “I work in banking.”  I didn't give her a clue that I was working on an erotica novel, as that typically scared women away.

She noticed the scar on my arm.  I told her that it came from a childhood tragedy on a subway, and that I didn't even notice it anymore.  She put her nails on the scar and glided her hand lightly across it.  “Does it hurt?” she inquired.

“No, not at all,” I replied.

She proceeded to tell me that she had scars of her own. I asked her where they were from.  Apparently, she was in an abusive relationship a few years ago and she was in it for quite a long time.  The partner had actually stabbed her a couple of times in the stomach and once in the ribs.  They didn't go deep, but it was enough to leave scars on her body that she was self-conscious about.  “The right man will come into your life.  Don’t worry about your scars.  Be confident in who you are,” I told her.

She got quiet for a moment and then she asked, “What exactly do you do in banking?”
I replied, “I’m in the mortgage division of the bank.  I help clients finance homes that they might want to refinance or purchase.  I also dabble in cooking and writing in my spare time.”

She said she was considering buying a home in the area and that she may need my help one day. "I love to cook also!!, but I'm not impressed by the food here as well, I'm considering going to culinary school to brush up on my skills, but right now I'm busy working as an administrative assistant for a law firm.", she told me.

"Getting tired of straightening out the briefs?" I chuckled but I still felt awkward because the person she had come with had long since returned from the bathroom and was sitting with her.  I felt some uneasiness from him.  My style is not to come between a female and her date.

“Here is my card.  If you need any help you can give me a call,” I said while handing both of them a card, so that I could assure him that I wasn't going after his date.  "I have to leave tonight, as I am early riser.", shaking both their hands firmly.

No sooner had I paid my tab and left, she sent me a text.  She excused herself for texting me without giving me her number first at the bar, and introduced herself.  The essence of the text was that she had a really good time talking to me at the bar, and she wanted to know if I cared to meet her for extra drinks at another place to continue the conversation.

I answered, “You know what, I am living life at the fullest at this point.  Why not?  It’s still a little early, only 11:30 at night.  Let’s continue the conversation and go for more drinks.  Where would you like to go?”

“How about my place?” was her response, as she gave me her address
I chuckled of course and wrote, “Well, isn't your friend with you?”

“Oh him, that was a blind date.  It went sour from the moment we met.  He wasn't into me at all and only talked about himself.  I like the fact that you asked questions about me, listened to my responses, and told me more about yourself.  I really enjoyed the time.  I live in a gated community.  I will buzz you in,” she text back.

Seize the moment or ask to meet at a public place?

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