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Jake Furie Lapin:UnFair Punishment: An Early BDSM Lesson

In the Irish-Italian neighborhood where I grew up, the predominant religion was Catholicism. Because both my parents worked, they had the money to send me to a private Catholic school in town. It was grueling.

Most Catholics don’t realize that Catholicism stems from Orthodox Christianity. The two religions are very close to each other, with similar masses and communion services. Some of the nuns were very accepting of my religion but others challenged my loyalty to my religion many times. Although I was given positions of authority and responsibility within the school, such as collecting lunch money, keeping head count, being a crossing guard, etc. the nuns really challenged and criticized my beliefs. Often, as part of their antagonism, they would punish me for no real reason at all.

One nun in particular, Sister Marie, would come find me when I was working on an essay, or math, or whatever. She would sneak up behind me with one of those old-style long wooden metal-edged rulers, and without warning, would come and hit me in the hand. The reason she gave was always ridiculous, such as: I was holding my pencil wrong, or not sitting up straight, or not doing something the proper way. I still have some of those scars from that ruler on my hands. I also have many other scars from playing hockey in school and punching people in the mouth during typical hockey fights, but a good chunk of the scars are from Sister Marie. Luckily, my hands are tan enough that they aren't too visible, but those scars are there.

Sister Marie kept pushing me and pushing me. I remember one day, when I was about 13, it was confession time in school and she asked me if I needed to go to confession. I said no, and she challenged me, saying “Are you sure? It’s been a whole month. You must have sinned at some point.” I said, “No, I really can’t think of anything. I don’t know if I did anything…I've been pretty good.” This was the truth; I was really a well-behaved guy when I was younger. She said, “ You have to think of something”. With that, she forced me to get on my knees in front of this huge cross that was in one of the hallways. She told me to kneel there and think of something, and then ask for God’s forgiveness. I knelt there and I was thinking, and thinking; she kept yelling at me, “Come on! Think of something! THINK OF SOMETHING!”

 I couldn't think of anything, and eventually the absurdity of the situation struck me and I couldn't hold in my laughter any longer.

 “This is not a joke!” screeched Sister Marie, and she summoned some of the other nuns to join in. Together, one or two of her aged withered cronies and Sister Marie pushed my head down to the ground in front of the cross and held me there.

 Sister Marie pulled the back of my pants down. My naked ass was fully exposed, and protruding helplessly as my face was pressed into the ground. I felt vulnerable, exposed, and strangely excited. Sister Marie always carried a cane with her, and I heard it swish against her hand, making a slapping noise. She leaned forward, next to my face, and said, very forcefully: “You’re a bad, bad, boy, Mr. Lapin! And you WILL be punished! You WILL learn your lesson!” She paused for just a moment and I heard the slap of the cane against her hand again. I clenched my cheeks, because I knew what was coming. The first stroke was a complete shock. For just a second I was numb, but then I felt the sting of it spread across my bottom, as it drew the blood to the surface of my soft, exposed skin. I felt a stinging, hot sensation. A few times she would slap my ass, and massage my whole cheek, as to circulate the blood. It hurt like hell, but it also sent warmth through my whole body, and somehow it also aroused me greatly. In spite of myself, I felt my cock start to stiffen and then become rock-solid. I’ll never know if Sister Marie noticed, but maybe she did. She struck me with the cane again. This time the heat was even more noticeable. I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was getting a major erection. I just hung my head in shame, and hoped that all the nuns around me couldn't see my thick penis pressing upwards into my stomach. Or maybe I wanted them to see my huge manhood.

Sister Marie gave me 20 or 30 strokes with the cane, and made a few comments about how my suffering would make me appreciate Jesus’s suffering on the cross, and how my pain would make me a better person, etc. At one point the pain was pretty bad and I said, “I don’t know why you are doing this to me!” Sister Marie replied, “Because you need to be forgiven.” I screamed, “For what? For what?”, but she gave me no answer. I wasn't sure if I was screaming in actual pain, or just as a way to hold my orgasm at bay. 

Afterwards, the nuns finally left me alone. I could barely walk, but I remember going to the men’s room, touching myself and finally ejaculating, HARD. I was alone, and hated the feeling of self-pleasuring myself.

 I attended Catholic school from kindergarten through 12th grade, and my torture at the hands of Sister Marie was constant throughout that time. Once I was walking in the hallway and she passed me and reached out and punched me in the gut, for no reason. This happened often when nobody else was around, that Sister Marie would pinch or hit or kick me. After the confession incident, the pain she inflicted would cause that strange arousal again, and would lead to masturbation. I began to understand the link between pleasure and pain in a profound way.

Sister Marie would threaten me as well, telling me that if I told anyone, she would just call my parents in and tell them that I was lying and making up stories. Of course, because she was a nun, they would believe her, or at least that’s what she wanted me to think. She was probably right, too. My parents were very strict and very religious; they would have been unlikely to take my word over that of a priest or nun. That knowledge gave me more pain than the physical torture from Sister Marie.

As I enter into the BDSM lifestyle, and I administer my punishments and spankings, I always ensure that these are for things that my subs did willfully, transgressions that we mutually agreed that they wouldn't do and I make them tell me why they are being punished. My subs always have to earn their spankings and punishments. I never punish for things that are beyond their control, e.g. if they are late because they were in an accident, or something else came up that made it impossible for them to complete the task at hand. I would never be upset for those things, or punish them in the same merciless way that Sister Marie punished me. I would always make sure to hold and caress them, and make sure they know that I share in their pain and pleasure, and make sure we mutually cum afterward. I only punish my subs when they willfully cross my wishes or instructions. In this way, Sister Marie did teach me a very valuable lesson in BDSM: it’s never fair to punish for events that are beyond a sub’s control.

As a Dom, I always administer my punishments with fairness and love. Check in next week to read about another one of my life experiences along the journey to becoming a successful Dom.


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Jake Furie Lapin:Unexpected Intimacy: Losing my Virginity Part 2

 After Elaine prompted me to remain still, I heard the sound of a drawer open and then felt an incredible sensation on my chest and nipples. Elaine had withdrawn a long leather crop and was teasing me with the tassels on the crop. She drew them back and forth across my erect nipples and the feeling was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

I was half expecting her suddenly to snap the whip and make me sting, but she didn't. Instead, I suddenly felt her breath against my ear.

Speaking as DM Zorra, Elaine whispered, “Mikkal, have you been with a woman yet?”

Trembling, I responded, “No, DM.”

I had known that Elaine had a reputation for promiscuity, even though until this point she had been just a friend to me, almost like a sister. I’d heard the rumors though, and she’d even told me about a few of her sexual encounters. I knew that she had a certain “type” that she liked, and I wasn't it. However, she told me later that she was intrigued by my body, as it was so different from those of the boys she usually dated.

In any case, I was still blindfolded but I felt her softly kissing my face. She started by kissing each cheek softly, and then my forehead and chin. The softness and wetness of her mouth really turned me on and I moaned slightly and parted my lips. She teased me for a while and then finally laid her mouth against mine. I had kissed girls before, but Elaine was something totally different. She knew exactly what she was doing and pulled and teased my lower lip, flicking her tongue inside my mouth expertly.

Things were already heating up for me, but then Elaine began her descent on my body. She kissed around the line of my collar bone and neck, and then down the curve of my chest, following the crease in the middle of my abs. My nipples were rock hard, and she flicked her tongue over each of them several times, and then continued to head south.

She reached my waistline and ran her tongue into my navel, before unzipping my fly. My cock was throbbing hard at this point. I didn't even have time to question what was happening before she pulled both my boxers and pants off completely, leaving my erection completely exposed.

She took the crop and ran the leather tassels over my groin area, dipping them into the creases of my legs and flicking them across the length of my cock, lightly.  I moaned, again.

Elaine spoke. Her voice sounded throaty. “Mmmm…Mikkal…you are quite a bit larger and thicker than those Irish boys I've seen before and circumcised!!.” With that, she ran her hand over my swollen penis, and then spoke the words that changed my life:

“Today, Mikkal, you will be christened. By me.”

I then felt a completely new feeling, warm, wet and ecstatic. Elaine was going down on me, wrapping her mouth around my erection, stroking it with her full lips, running her tongue up and down my shaft and over my balls.

It’s a miracle that I didn't cum right then and there, in her mouth, but somehow I held out. Physically, the sensation was incredible. Emotionally, I was a little bit bewildered and confused; I didn't know quite what was happening, or what I should do, but I was willing to let Elaine – or DM Zorra – have her way with me.

After a few minutes, the sensation changed yet again. The warmth and wetness around my cock shifted in a completely new way. I felt Elaine’s hands against my chest, and then her legs wrapped around the outside of mine. I suddenly realized that she was riding me, and my cock was inside her pussy.

Again, I almost came. Elaine must have felt me trembling, because she said, in a sensual whisper,

“Don’t panic, Mikkal. Just stay focused. Don’t lose control; don’t let go until I tell you.”

A few minutes later, I heard her breathing quicken and then her whole body tensed against mine.

“NOW, Mikkal!”, she shrieked, and then I felt her pussy pulse wildly against my cock. I let go then and came hard. Extremely hard.

Afterwards, I felt a little bit lost.

“Elaine…is everything OK? What just happened?”

She reached down and loosened my blindfold, and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Don’t worry about it, Jake”, she said, and smiled at me. She was Elaine again, not DM Zorra. Then she helped me get dressed.

“No, seriously Elaine, what does this all mean?”

“Well, it means that until I graduate and go to college, we’re partners. That’s all. Is that OK with you?”

I nodded, mutely. Shortly afterwards, I headed home.

Sadly, my relationship with Elaine was fated to be short. A few weeks after our first encounter, Elaine discovered that she was pregnant. She believed that the baby was mine.

Her mother was furious and even angrier when she heard that I was the father. She forbade us from seeing each other. Word got around town, though, and Elaine and her mother soon moved away.

The incident with Elaine affected me deeply. She had taken my virginity, and done so in a dominant way that left me little choice. I was unsure how to handle myself around women, which led to a very limited dating life. I didn't even have a date to my Senior Prom. Strangely enough, when I look back at my yearbook, I see notes from girls who clearly had crushes on me, but I was too unsure of myself to recognize it at the time.

In my older life now, I celebrate the day when I first penetrate my lover, as I will never forget the day they gave themselves to me. I light a candle on that day, and their birthday, and I always make sure I don't cum until they do, several times.  Sometimes I take a long shower with all the lights off and relive those memories.

Do you feel that Jake's sexual experience was rape or consensual?


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Jake Furie Lapin:Unexpected Intimacy: Losing My Virginity Part 1

Around the time I entered high school, I became very interested in role-playing games. Of these, Dungeons and Dragons was my favorite. I used to play it regularly with some of my closest friends.

My character was a Demi-Elf, named Mikkal. Demi-Elves are half-human and half-Elf; in other words, they have a dual nature. This fit my own personality perfectly; as I grew older, I realized that there were two sides battling against each other inside me. The first side of me was like the elves: compassionate, highly intelligent, quick-witted, physically nimble, and reserved. The other side was very human, and prone to taking risks, being reckless, and disregarding danger.

One late, rainy Thursday afternoon, when I was a sophomore in high school, my friends and I arranged to meet at a D&D gathering. However, three of my male friends had been put into detention at school for engaging in horseplay during gym class. As a result, the only two people who attended our gathering were Elaine O’Conner, whose house we were meeting in, and myself.

Elaine was a junior, but she had been held back a year in elementary school, so she should have been a senior. Since I had started school a year early, there was a three-year age gap between us. Our mothers' had met through school activities, and were friends. Elaine’s mom was divorced, and unlike other parents in town, had no problem with my racial background, so I had spent a lot of time at their house while growing up. All through elementary and middle school, Elaine was like an older sister to me, a sister I never had. Recently, though, I had started to become aware of how beautiful she was. Somehow, I had never noticed before.

Elaine and I decided to engage in a little bit of one-on-one role play while we waited for the others to get out of detention. We always had our gatherings in her bedroom, and this day was no different. The room was already dim because of the rainy weather, but Elaine drew the curtains, dimmed her overhead light to a faint glow, and lit candles throughout the room, a D&D ritual.

Elaine took on the role of Dungeon Master for the session. Her character was a full-blood Elf, named DM Zorra. As Dungeon Master, she told my character, Mikkal, that he encounters a female Elf demi-god who puts him under a spell of binding. With that, DM Zorra lit a few extra candles, and then she bound my wrists with a silken rope, as a way of enhancing the role play. Then she instructed Mikkal to lie down on the bed. The female Elf Demi-God wished to punish Mikkal for being too close to humans, but as a half-human himself, Mikkal appealed the punishment.

“Absolutely not”, replied the female Demi-God. “You have transgressed, and you WILL receive your punishment.”

With that, she declared that Mikkal’s punishment would be five lashes on the chest.

“Remove your shirt, Mikkal”, she said. I, as Mikkal, obeyed, with a sensation of fear and excitement mingled together.

Elaine, or DM Zorra, then bound my hands to the bedposts more securely. She then opened a drawer and withdrew a long, satin strip of cloth, which she used to wrap around my eyes. I felt my breath quicken.

“Now, hold still”, said Elaine.

Mikkal’s punishment will lead to some thrilling and unexpected sensuality. Read more in Jake’s next blog, titled: Unexpected Intimacy: Losing My Virginity – Part 2.

What do you think DM Zorra will do to Mikkal?


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