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Jake Furie Lapin:Unexpected Intimacy: Losing My Virginity Part 1

Around the time I entered high school, I became very interested in role-playing games. Of these, Dungeons and Dragons was my favorite. I used to play it regularly with some of my closest friends.

My character was a Demi-Elf, named Mikkal. Demi-Elves are half-human and half-Elf; in other words, they have a dual nature. This fit my own personality perfectly; as I grew older, I realized that there were two sides battling against each other inside me. The first side of me was like the elves: compassionate, highly intelligent, quick-witted, physically nimble, and reserved. The other side was very human, and prone to taking risks, being reckless, and disregarding danger.

One late, rainy Thursday afternoon, when I was a sophomore in high school, my friends and I arranged to meet at a D&D gathering. However, three of my male friends had been put into detention at school for engaging in horseplay during gym class. As a result, the only two people who attended our gathering were Elaine O’Conner, whose house we were meeting in, and myself.

Elaine was a junior, but she had been held back a year in elementary school, so she should have been a senior. Since I had started school a year early, there was a three-year age gap between us. Our mothers' had met through school activities, and were friends. Elaine’s mom was divorced, and unlike other parents in town, had no problem with my racial background, so I had spent a lot of time at their house while growing up. All through elementary and middle school, Elaine was like an older sister to me, a sister I never had. Recently, though, I had started to become aware of how beautiful she was. Somehow, I had never noticed before.

Elaine and I decided to engage in a little bit of one-on-one role play while we waited for the others to get out of detention. We always had our gatherings in her bedroom, and this day was no different. The room was already dim because of the rainy weather, but Elaine drew the curtains, dimmed her overhead light to a faint glow, and lit candles throughout the room, a D&D ritual.

Elaine took on the role of Dungeon Master for the session. Her character was a full-blood Elf, named DM Zorra. As Dungeon Master, she told my character, Mikkal, that he encounters a female Elf demi-god who puts him under a spell of binding. With that, DM Zorra lit a few extra candles, and then she bound my wrists with a silken rope, as a way of enhancing the role play. Then she instructed Mikkal to lie down on the bed. The female Elf Demi-God wished to punish Mikkal for being too close to humans, but as a half-human himself, Mikkal appealed the punishment.

“Absolutely not”, replied the female Demi-God. “You have transgressed, and you WILL receive your punishment.”

With that, she declared that Mikkal’s punishment would be five lashes on the chest.

“Remove your shirt, Mikkal”, she said. I, as Mikkal, obeyed, with a sensation of fear and excitement mingled together.

Elaine, or DM Zorra, then bound my hands to the bedposts more securely. She then opened a drawer and withdrew a long, satin strip of cloth, which she used to wrap around my eyes. I felt my breath quicken.

“Now, hold still”, said Elaine.

Mikkal’s punishment will lead to some thrilling and unexpected sensuality. Read more in Jake’s next blog, titled: Unexpected Intimacy: Losing My Virginity – Part 2.

What do you think DM Zorra will do to Mikkal?


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  1. I was getting into the story and then more next time ....thank goodness I have the next blog right here otherwise Jake would have left this girl hanging well enough said about this story the fact that I am hurring to write this post says it all be back with my next comment in a minute!!! Butterfly you

  2. I don't see this as rape. I see this as a young man loosing his virginity in the most exciting and erotic way. My first time was boring.

  3. I kinda agree with the above comment. My first time it was a fumbling mess and I couldn't get it in, too painful and I was too young at not quite 16. Curious as to see what happens

  4. What do I think DM Zorra is going to do with Mikkal? Ahem....well you've got 2 teenagers alone in a bedroom and one is tied up. I maybe 41 but the memories of being young and horny never leaves your mind. She is probably experienced and you were not so she said she would teach you. Ya'll be knockin' boots. At least you are on a bed. Seriously thank you for again being descriptive with the whole dungeons and dragons thing. Or I would've known what you were talking about.