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Jake Furie Lapin:Unexpected Intimacy: Losing my Virginity Part 2

 After Elaine prompted me to remain still, I heard the sound of a drawer open and then felt an incredible sensation on my chest and nipples. Elaine had withdrawn a long leather crop and was teasing me with the tassels on the crop. She drew them back and forth across my erect nipples and the feeling was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

I was half expecting her suddenly to snap the whip and make me sting, but she didn't. Instead, I suddenly felt her breath against my ear.

Speaking as DM Zorra, Elaine whispered, “Mikkal, have you been with a woman yet?”

Trembling, I responded, “No, DM.”

I had known that Elaine had a reputation for promiscuity, even though until this point she had been just a friend to me, almost like a sister. I’d heard the rumors though, and she’d even told me about a few of her sexual encounters. I knew that she had a certain “type” that she liked, and I wasn't it. However, she told me later that she was intrigued by my body, as it was so different from those of the boys she usually dated.

In any case, I was still blindfolded but I felt her softly kissing my face. She started by kissing each cheek softly, and then my forehead and chin. The softness and wetness of her mouth really turned me on and I moaned slightly and parted my lips. She teased me for a while and then finally laid her mouth against mine. I had kissed girls before, but Elaine was something totally different. She knew exactly what she was doing and pulled and teased my lower lip, flicking her tongue inside my mouth expertly.

Things were already heating up for me, but then Elaine began her descent on my body. She kissed around the line of my collar bone and neck, and then down the curve of my chest, following the crease in the middle of my abs. My nipples were rock hard, and she flicked her tongue over each of them several times, and then continued to head south.

She reached my waistline and ran her tongue into my navel, before unzipping my fly. My cock was throbbing hard at this point. I didn't even have time to question what was happening before she pulled both my boxers and pants off completely, leaving my erection completely exposed.

She took the crop and ran the leather tassels over my groin area, dipping them into the creases of my legs and flicking them across the length of my cock, lightly.  I moaned, again.

Elaine spoke. Her voice sounded throaty. “Mmmm…Mikkal…you are quite a bit larger and thicker than those Irish boys I've seen before and circumcised!!.” With that, she ran her hand over my swollen penis, and then spoke the words that changed my life:

“Today, Mikkal, you will be christened. By me.”

I then felt a completely new feeling, warm, wet and ecstatic. Elaine was going down on me, wrapping her mouth around my erection, stroking it with her full lips, running her tongue up and down my shaft and over my balls.

It’s a miracle that I didn't cum right then and there, in her mouth, but somehow I held out. Physically, the sensation was incredible. Emotionally, I was a little bit bewildered and confused; I didn't know quite what was happening, or what I should do, but I was willing to let Elaine – or DM Zorra – have her way with me.

After a few minutes, the sensation changed yet again. The warmth and wetness around my cock shifted in a completely new way. I felt Elaine’s hands against my chest, and then her legs wrapped around the outside of mine. I suddenly realized that she was riding me, and my cock was inside her pussy.

Again, I almost came. Elaine must have felt me trembling, because she said, in a sensual whisper,

“Don’t panic, Mikkal. Just stay focused. Don’t lose control; don’t let go until I tell you.”

A few minutes later, I heard her breathing quicken and then her whole body tensed against mine.

“NOW, Mikkal!”, she shrieked, and then I felt her pussy pulse wildly against my cock. I let go then and came hard. Extremely hard.

Afterwards, I felt a little bit lost.

“Elaine…is everything OK? What just happened?”

She reached down and loosened my blindfold, and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Don’t worry about it, Jake”, she said, and smiled at me. She was Elaine again, not DM Zorra. Then she helped me get dressed.

“No, seriously Elaine, what does this all mean?”

“Well, it means that until I graduate and go to college, we’re partners. That’s all. Is that OK with you?”

I nodded, mutely. Shortly afterwards, I headed home.

Sadly, my relationship with Elaine was fated to be short. A few weeks after our first encounter, Elaine discovered that she was pregnant. She believed that the baby was mine.

Her mother was furious and even angrier when she heard that I was the father. She forbade us from seeing each other. Word got around town, though, and Elaine and her mother soon moved away.

The incident with Elaine affected me deeply. She had taken my virginity, and done so in a dominant way that left me little choice. I was unsure how to handle myself around women, which led to a very limited dating life. I didn't even have a date to my Senior Prom. Strangely enough, when I look back at my yearbook, I see notes from girls who clearly had crushes on me, but I was too unsure of myself to recognize it at the time.

In my older life now, I celebrate the day when I first penetrate my lover, as I will never forget the day they gave themselves to me. I light a candle on that day, and their birthday, and I always make sure I don't cum until they do, several times.  Sometimes I take a long shower with all the lights off and relive those memories.

Do you feel that Jake's sexual experience was rape or consensual?


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  1. I've read this twice and still came up with the same conclusion - It was rape and not consensual at all even though he didn't tell her to stop. The repercussions from it drastically changed him forever especially the way he was around women. This is the line that made me reach that decision: The incident with Elaine affected me deeply. She had taken my virginity, and done so in a dominant way that left me little choice.

  2. I agree with bookgirl628, it was not consensual. Did you know at the time it wasn’t?
    Your story has made me think about my own experiences. I also didn’t date in high school & went to prom with a guy friend. I thought I wanted a boyfriend but I was real good at keeping my distance. When I was 12, just finished 6th grade I was hanging out with an older group of kids. I had a crush on one of the boys until one day we were playing around and he straddled my waist and pinned me down. Funny until he threatened to untie my bathing suit top. I barely had breasts; I didn’t want him to see me. Thankfully after a while he let me go. At the time it scared the shit out of me; I avoided Mike & never talked to him again. Since I have been thinking about it recently I’m sure that it must have had something to do with me pushing boys away in high school. Even right now I feel a little panic, my chest is tight.

  3. Christine, I read your comment and I just want to give you a big hug right now. That's terrible what he did to you. I've never talked about my painful experience with anyone before because for one, I was too ashamed of it and second I blocked it out completely from my memory. Both you and Jake give me courage to talk about it so here it is. When I was around 7-8 years old, a neighborhood boy named Robert who was much older than me and knew better, molested me and made me like the feeling it gave me. He used to come over to my house every day to do this. Even as I type this, I can still remember every room it happened in. I was so ashamed and embarrassed about myself after each time it occurred, that I never told anyone. He told me if I did I'd be sorry because my family would disown me and he'd lie about it. It kept happening until thankfully my grandpa who lived with me and my family caught us. Since I never dealt with it and chose to block it out of my memory, the repercussions from doing that messed me up in more ways then one. I considered it a painful dirty secret that would never see the light of day. It really messed up my self- esteem and even more so when I got intimate with someone.

  4. I absolutely view this as rape... she was the experienced one and he was not. In introducing him to this and essentially not giving him an opinion in the matter, the choice is gone which sprell R A P E. The fact that struggles continue afterwards just prove that. I am not talking bad about the people who choose this as a lifestyle. I have experimented and can see the intrigue.But when a virgin comes into play, it's a whole different ballgame.

    1. I somewhat agree. A first experience no matter what age, I don't think bondage should come into play. One should be intimate with someone first before BDSM comes along

  5. I can see both sides. It could be seen as rape or consensual. The real distinctions is how he felt afterwards and those feelings make it rape. The fact that it has affected him to this day and made him question is own value makes it rape. No one should ever feel the emptiness of being taken advantage of. That is a feeling that will always be with you forever. But on the other hand the fact that while in the act he enjoyed his self proves there was want and need on his part. Obviously he has made the best of what has happened to him through his whole life and that is the real story. Even the sadest stories can have happy endings. I am sure he struggles with his demons all the time because trust me we all do and it is that fight that makes us better people. Jake keep writing and keep fighting.

    1. The pains still exist today, and I always manage to create or find new ones

  6. Ok, this can be seen in both ways consensual or rape. I agree more strongly that it was rape. Elaine had experience in which he didn't. She took advantage of him. She didn't stop to ask for his approval, taking away the power of choice. We should all choose to do what we do. There's an understanding of our actions and consequences. I'm sure this has molded him to the man he is today.

  7. I feel consensual ...he could have said no at any time.. Elaine was a friend and surely would have stopped had he said so. I will say giving her experience know she would be taking his virginity she should have checked on approval with each step she took. Can't wait for more. Butterfly you

  8. I feel that it was a little of both consensual and rape. While he didn't say "no" or "stop", he was also not given a choice in the act plus the added affected of having bondage involved which did not allow him to push or move away. A persons first time should be one that while may not be great (really how many peoples first times are) it is at least done with two willing and knowing parties.


  9. Definitely see this as rape. Intimacy such as sex should be mutually agreed upon. Both should know what is expected and what's about to happen. Although Jake experienced "release", that's just physical. A need for the body. It's the feeling afterwards that make it rape. In any intimate bond, there should be a feeling of contentment, satisfaction for both.
    I'm thankful my first time was with the first guy I ever loved. Although we didn't end up together, I don't regret it.

  10. This was definitely a rape, you were a minor and this was a very experienced adult who used your body for her to take advantage of and please her sexual desire in a way you had no idea existed. You may look back at it now and say wow what a night but if it was your child you would see it in a different light.

  11. I don't see this as rape. This was an erotic and different way to loose your virginity. I also can see the impact and the confusion on what had happen to you.

  12. I read this story a few times.I dont think I would describe this as an act of rape. Rape is forcing someone to submit to sex acts against their will. There was no force. Jake even admits hes willingly to let DM Zorra have her way with him.However this was unfortunate to have a first sexual experience be one of dominance and confusion but i wouldnt classify as rape but more of taking advantage of someone. I feel sad Jake had his first sexual experience as he did. Thank you. Twitter handle @WannaBeRockStar

  13. I take the side of the child you were then. Rape 100%. It forever changed you as my experiences did me of being raped by my stepfather. I wonder how much that plays into our BDSM side... it seems a way of taking control back.

  14. I agree that it was not consensual. You didn't know what was going on. I had to read twice to be sure. I don't think that the BDSM should have come into play. But, you were role playing she took it a step further. Your life had dramatically changed and I can see it in your writings. What most intrigues me is the way that it was handled by the parent. Obviously she didn't know that her daughter was sexually active or chose not to know. I was molested as a child and it forever changed the way that I look at other men and the way that they treat me. I have tried on several occasions to "talk" to RP's but, I just cant. It's not in me to role play. Maybe if the right partner came along, it would be different. I don't know. It does sadden me that this happened to you. It could have been so different for you. But, do you think that you would be writing the way you do?

  15. What Elaine did was wrong! And the fact that a child may have been conceived in that moment also affected you, it had to. Did you ever find out if you were in fact the father? That can deeply affect a teenage boy. Your first experience was wrong.

  16. I agree that Elaine had taken something from you that was not hers to take. She took away more than your virginity. She confused you so you didn't have time to even say yes or no. And for her to do that and not be protected was wrong. If she wanted to have sex with you she should have made sure she was protected.

  17. I dont think I would describe this as an act of rape. Rape is different. Here there is no force. Jake has left her to continue even if he did not know exactly what they were facing, he could have said no at any time.For me it was consensual. xoxoxo

  18. I see it as rape even though he didn't say stop, he was confused and emotional. What if he had tied her down and done the same thing and it was reported to the police, different story but there is the age old stigma that a woman cannot actually "rape" a man. What does Jake think about the child, doe he know what happened to it? Nice way for a guy to lose his virginity though.

  19. Beautiful story yet again, had trouble reading it AT some stages because I can relate to this one, but is was very beautifully written and I dont see it as rape because he didn't say no. But then again in my story I said no and it didn't count according to THE police

  20. In my opinion, it was rape. . .regardless if orgasm was achieved. . .sex was not expected and I am not sure that your full consent was or could have been given.

    However if we all knew what sex meant fully before diving in. . .would we ever?

  21. Elaine did not force herself on him. He was willing and he enjoyed it. I myself am very impressed with Jake's restraint, considering this was his first time.

  22. I feel that it is rape sort of but every experience makes him what he is sexually and how he feels. it will always go back to his first experience, which wasnt great

  23. Wow now I feel bad for my comment on the previous blog. Clearly you didn't appear to have any knowledge of sex before this incident. And I call it an incident and am really leaning towards rape because of your lack of knowledge in sex and the fact she didn't ask you if you wanted to do this. And what teenage girl brings out a riding crop at all not to mention with a virgin. Please correct me if I am wrong but you had to ask her what this meant after the deed was done which to me means you had no clue you could have said NO!! You didn't give consent to do something I assume you knew nothing about so yes I call it rape. I am so sorry you had to experience that as your first time and then didn't even understand what you did afterwards. Now I feel like shit......