Thursday, December 20, 2018


As many of you loyal fans have seen, I haven't written, blogged, or posted on FB or IG in quite some time.

I started this project really as a hobby, and as a way to remove some of the pains in my personal life.  I had no idea that it would become popular during the hype and pump up/teasing period of TSOL.  I believe at one point, we had 100K twitter fans, and over 18K IG followers, and we were catching steam on FB as well, thanks to my #TSOLVixens.  It's touching to see how some of my #TSOLVixens have become friends through this community.

During the ramp up period of this project, and even until a few years after first publication, I met some incredibly amazing, gifted, talented people - all of whom I'm super grateful.  The unintended consequence of being an erotic single writer and main character in the book, was the lure of many female followers.  Although very flattering, fun, and quite overwhelming, even though it would come to the support of my now ex-wife, and everyone since her, the mini publicity has caused toxic personal relationships for me.

Originally, I wanted to stay anonymous, and I remember the fun days of going headless, and running around the NJ shore, with fans hoping to catch me in a bar or restaurant etc trying to find my identity.  I still laugh at some of my fond memories shared through Snap or IG.  But you rascals are smart, very smart.  Using your super human female spying skills, you looked up my copyright and with some background checks, found out where I lived and worked, etc.  Pretty clever!!!  I received so many gifts to my NJ home, all of which I'm quite grateful - I'll never forget all the gift cards, beer, mugs, clothing, etc that I received; very touching.   I have many very fond memories, from the small book tours, to the SoundCloud recordings, to my little twitter wars with other supposed Doms, and my famous battle with that crazy LB author pitching underage kids for votes on FB to win a battle against me.  However, I watched a Steve Tyler show recently, and even to this day, he admitted cheating on his spouse, because of the lure that's thrown at him everywhere he goes.  It made me wonder if I continued this project, how will that affect me personally in my relationships that I adore.  That's not me, never will be or want to be.  I actually am quite humble and under the radar type.

So I've decided to terminate my role in the project.  I'm giving away Book 2 to a fellow trusted associate with the script and details, as I don't want everyone to be left hanging.  I'll only consult.  They will take over where I left off.  The IG page and this blog will remain active and alive unless they want to go to a different direction.  Of course I'm proud of my work, and if you catch me in real life, I'm very happy and sign a copy for you (I still have about 45 copies at my place to burn through lol).  I apologize now to everyone for not finishing the project myself, the YEARS of following me and loyalty, it really means alot me - and I'm sure many of you will drop following me (I don't blame you).  I cannot express how hurtful it is to me to let you fans down, but it's dwarfed by the pain that it causes my personal relationships which no words can describe.

I'll continue to write and sing and enjoy my creative side, for free and without compensation.  I've discovered a way to remain completely anonymous, and I won't copyright my materials, as here in the US, you need your legal name to do.  I've quietly started my anonymous journey.  I've found myself and the path I want to travel, and I don't want any toxicity to affect it's outcome, no matter how innocent or harmless the public may think it maybe, trust me, it's the attention that is very hurtful to friends, family, and significant others - all of whom I do not want to hurt.

I really want to thank everyone for their support, as without this TSOL journey, I would never be where I am today, but it's time for the next path for me.