Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jake Furie Lapin: Dom Ice Fantasy

It's been a long, hard stressful day at work.  It's 4:30 pm, and I get my text. It reads  “520 {v}”.  I know, she knows, we both need it.  It's a long drive home, the winter has been cold and icy, the worst in years.  I pull into the driveway, and watch the melting ice start to freeze over the house as the temperatures drop again.  I look over the dripping water on my rain chain gutter, as the water is slowly freezing into jagged ice as the temperature drops.  I break off a newly formed icy point from the chain of icicles.  I am going to tease her with the cold torture. Walking to the house I get the text again: “Sir 520 {v} I await you”.

I walk into the house, and there is my angel, on her knees in the submissive position, waiting for me.  I grab her hand and walk her to my sitting chair. Slowly, I bend her over my lap, and proceed to tell her about my frustrating day.  Between sentences, I give her several firm spanks on one ass cheek, holding her flesh, feeling the rush of blood running through her body.  I spank her other cheek also, as not to neglect it, feeling the rush of sexuality running through my veins.

I tell her, “Angel, today is your day”.  Walking her to the bedroom, I blindfold her, and strap her wrists to each bed post.  The icicle is still on a platter in the front room, still hard and thick. I bring it to the bedroom and then take the icicle and begin tracing her body.  I work from her left hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, to her ear, cheeks, mouth, lips…then make my way down to her left nipple, bottom of her chest, body quivering, down her stomach, across her pubic bone, around her thighs back up her right side, chest, nipple, mouth, cheek, and finish my way to her right wrist.  By now, the icicle is half melted from her body heat.  My angel is worming and squirming on the bed; I retrace the same path slowly with the tip of my tongue, kissing her mouth, biting her lips, stopping at her nipple for a hard bite, teasing her fiery pussy with my mouth, back up to her right nipple and wrist.  She is holding back her orgasm, and I tell her that today she will cum hard.  Keeping her bound, I work my way down her body with my mouth, water glistening off her heated body, till I make my way to her already throbbing clit.  Holding her legs down with my arms, I taste her sweet juices, and suck on her pussy lips and clit hard, kissing the hood passionately.  I tell her to release, I want to taste her juices.  She immediately cums hard, and I suck and pull her clit just as hard into my mouth. Holding her legs, she tries to buck free.  Then I crawl my way back up her shivering body, as she begs me to have me inside her, and I tease her clit and hood with the tip of my mushroom cock.  I lean in and whisper into her ear, “Angel, I want to feel you in my own way: scissors”.  She nods her head; she knows what I want.

I release her hands from the bedposts, and move her to her right side.  I straddle her right leg, and lift her left leg bent onto a pillow.  I have full view of her amazing ass and pussy, and it's throbbing and calling from my cock to go deep inside her.  I take the half melted icicle, and slowly place it inside her, and she moans with extreme pleasure.  I pull it out, and taste her amazing juices; then I plunge my already hard cock deep inside her, legs interlocked.  I lift her left ass cheek a bit more so I can go deeper inside her. I take her hard and furious, releasing my day’s frustrations on her. Banging furiously and forcefully, I tell her I need her to taste my release, I want to see her beautiful eyes gazing at me as she takes in all of me.  She feels me getting bigger and harder, and I wet my thumb, slowly teasing her cute asshole, penetrating it gently. She can't take the thumb anal probe bumping her gspot and my thick cock simultaneously, it's amazingly tight and she cums again in rippling fashion; she can't stop pulling herself deeper into my shaft.  I watch her pussy lips hug my shaft with each in and out thrust.  I need to cum now, and I tell her it's time.

She jumps off, and I grab the blindfolds off of her, and push hard into her waiting mouth. I watch her viciously suck my member, enjoying trying to get every sweet cum drop out of me.  Watching her amazing beautiful eyes tear up, I explode in her hot mouth and she tongue swirls around my back edge of my tip, just how I like it.  I grab the back of her head and hold her there, omg amazing.  She knows to keep sucking and taking every drop. She also knows we can go again, without rest, but not today.  Now I just want to hold her close, treasuring what I have found, and have made a part of my life.

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