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Kelli Lemberg: The Deflowering Part 1

Growing up, my family situation was not ideal.  My father was an alcoholic, and was emotionally neglectful.  He never laid a hand on me, or my mother, but he would work long hours, only to come home drunk and pass out on the couch.  We barely spoke.

To escape from my home life, I put all my attention into my schoolwork.  I was always a good student, that is...at least until high school.  That’s when I met Nina, who had moved to my town from California.

Nina was a true wild child.  The whole reason her family had moved was because Nina was showing “behavioral problems” in her hometown.  She started sneaking drinks at the age of 12, and at the age of 13, she was caught in a compromising sexual  position with an older teenage boy.  Her parents were very conservative and were humiliated by her actions, so they moved her across the country.  It didn't do much good though, Nina was just as wild here as she’d been at home.

For me though, Nina was like a breath of fresh air.  She freed me from the suffocating atmosphere of my dysfunctional family.  From the first day we met, we were best friends.  I loved her adventurous spirit.  However, she also got me into all kinds of trouble too.  For one thing, when we were sophomores, she convinced me to join the cheerleading squad for the football team.  This led to all kinds of wild house parties.  Nina was the most flirtatious girl I’d ever seen, and also one of the most aggressively seductive.  If she spotted a guy on the football team that she liked, she’d seduce him within a week.  She was gorgeous, with sexy curves and long dark curls, so none of the guys ever turned down her advances.  After she’d made a new sexual conquest, she’d tell me all about it.  I loved hearing all the juicy details and soaked them up, but I was actually pretty shy myself.  I did fool around with a couple of guys once or twice, but because of my dad, I didn't drink that much.  As a result, I never let things go all the way sexually with anyone.

That’s not to say that I didn't look and fantasize.  I was always attracted to very strong, fit men. There were plenty of guys on the football team who caught my eye, and quite a few of them pursued me too.  With my long red tresses, sky-high legs and tight butt, I was definitely a catch.  However, I was also very mature for my age, and even back then, I knew that I wanted more than just a quick fling.  I lusted after the football guys, but I secretly knew that they were too immature and fickle for me.  So I kept myself apart, and hoarded my virginity.  My classmates knew that I didn't sleep around, and I was well respected for it.

Everything changed in the spring of my senior year.  A new guy transferred to our school.  His name was Paul, and he quickly became one of the most popular students in school.  At that time, he was stocky and hyper-masculine, with broad shoulders, tousled brown hair and piercing ice-blue eyes.  From the moment I saw him, I knew I wanted to date him.  He was very outgoing and a fantastic football player; he soon became captain of the team.

He’s the first guy who ever turned down Nina.  She tried her best, but he had eyes for someone else: ME!.  He would often come up to me at the games, flirting and joking around, picking me up in the air or slipping his arm around my waist.  Once he even slapped my ass as I walked by.  I pretended to be shocked and offended, but secretly I was flattered.

Prom time rolled around, and one day Paul approached me as I was leaving school.

“Hey, Kells,” he said leaning against a locker.  I could smell his cologne; it was something musky.

“Hi there, Paul.”

He didn't waste any time. “So, do you have a date to the prom?” Paul was always like that.  Direct.  Straight to the point.

“Uh, no. Why?”

“Because I’m going to take you.” He grinned, almost suggestively.

I was a little bit flustered. “Um, OK!” I smiled up at him.  He tipped my chin up and brought his face close to mine.  Just for a few seconds.  Then he turned and walked away, without a word.

I was thrilled.  I was headed to the prom with the football captain! Little did I know that would change my life forever…

What happens to Kelli, as she her is turned upside down? Check back for The Deflowering: Part 2 to find out…


AUTHOR NAME  Jake Furie Lapin -- My Blogs

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  1. We dont have proms here in Belgium, so what those are like I dont know but I know How Kelli feels when someone notices only you and asks you out bring on part 2

  2. Brings back memories of high school and the thrilled of being asked to the Prom. Can't wait to read more.

  3. Oh high school, always trying to find out where you fit. The wanting and need to be noticed by that someone you are crushing on. The excitement and hope of going to the prom. I love this excited to read more.