Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jake Furie Lapin: Dolce Vita Part 1

When I headed to Dolce Vita that evening, I needed to unwind. I’d been working hard and also thinking a lot about that redhead from the website: the one with the sky-high legs. I’d been fantasizing about fucking her: feeling her mouth on my cock, then running my palms up her smooth, long thighs to her warm, wet pussy before entering her. When I’d mentioned the bar to her it then seemed natural to go there myself, later on. I knew she was wondering why I hadn't replied to her last message, but I had my reasons. There were a few things I needed to sort out first. There was something about her that demanded my attention, but other matters were pressing.

I positioned myself near the bar and started casually chatting to a pretty, young blonde, who was wearing a filmy, almost see-through white top and green skinny jeans. She was cute but a little bit too vacant and ditsy for my taste, so I occupied myself with practicing my charm offensive and seeing if I could get her to offer me her number. It happened within ten minutes. Too easy, too easy. I thought, and sipped my drink, feeling a bit bored.

That’s when I noticed the two women. They were sitting together, near the wall. One was very voluptuous and dark-haired, wearing a slinky little ensemble that showed off all her assets, perhaps a little too much. The other had long, auburn hair and was dressed in a striking red wrap dress. I was intrigued; why did they both look so familiar? The redhead reminded me of the woman from the website, but I had never really seen the online woman’s face clearly. The legs matched, though, that was for sure. I could imagine running my hands over for days on end. I remembered my fantasy of fucking her and immediately felt my cock get stiff.

The dark-haired girl looked familiar too, even more familiar than the redhead, but I couldn't quite place her. I must have been gazing at the two of them quite intently because they suddenly started whispering to each other and smiling. Before I knew it, the redhead was on her feet and came over to where I was standing. I was sure she was going to initiate a conversation, but she actually walked past me and into the ladies room. Hmmmmm.  I turned my attention back to the curvy brunette. She was openly checking me out, even running her hand slowly over her thigh, toying with the hem of her skirt, while her eyes invited me to fuck her. Her legs were parted slightly, invitingly and I could see that she wasn't wearing underwear. I could also see clearly that she was glistening wet for me. She smiled openly and tossed her hair. Where do I know you from?, I thought. It was right there at the edge of my mind…but right before I figured it out, the redhead came out of the bathroom and came up to the bar to order a drink. I heard her order a dirty martini. No way. The same drink as the online woman? This was getting weird. I had to talk to her, so I forgot about the brunette and moved over to the redhead.

And that’s when I saw it. She was wearing the necklace. It was the same white gold and ruby pendant that “K” from the website had worn. The dirty martini, the pendant, the sky-high legs – it was her, without a doubt. She was even sexier than I’d imagined, but I could see that she was a little bit shy, too. In that moment, I decided not to reveal who I was. I would play this out and see where it went.

What happens next with Kelli, Jake and Nina? You might be surprised…check in for Part 2 soon!


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  1. I like THE way How you (How do I say it) seduce women most men would have gone with THE easy blonde but not you and thats what I like About you, you put effort in seducing women :-)
    Looking forward for part 2

  2. Surprised he didn't go for the easy target brunette who was flirting and showing her goods. Sometimes a challenge is more intriguing. Excited to see what happens.

  3. Loved hearing Jake's POV of the event. Nice to see he didn't go for the easy lay, they are never worth it anyway. Can't wait for part two!!

  4. So refreshing to see a man who is not going for the women who is showing all she has to offer. A little mystery is always sexy. Leave it to Jake to not go for the obvious. I also love that he noticed the details of Kelli's profile. That is what keeps his attention at the bar. Looking forward to the rest of the story.