Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Spice of Life: End of Chap 2 and Beginning Chap 3 preview teaser

Kelli suggested that they meet the next day, a Friday. However, Jake told her that he needed to be at a charity event on Friday night, and was flying to Las Vegas for the weekend. So they arranged to meet on the following Monday, at 4:00pm. Jake offered her his business card, she toyed with it, before placing it on the bar. Shortly after that, Nina came careening over to both of them and grabbed Kelli’s arm. Her words were slightly slurred. “Kell, let’s get out of here. That creep in the corner won’t leave me  alone, and the hottie I was trying to seduce seems to have vanished into the toilet with some young guy. I’m over it. And…I’m just a little tipsy.” Nina’s eyes were faintly glazed, but she suddenly locked onto Jake. “Ooooh, well hello there, handsome! Where have YOU been all night?” Her eyes fell onto the business card on the counter. “Mmmm. Jake. Is that your name, big boy?”  

Nina leaned forward and whispered, “Do you want to fuck me tonight, big boy? Because if you do, I’m yours…” but Jake pretended that he hadn't heard her. Moving away from Nina, Jake smiled politely and responded, “Yes, Jake is my name. And I've been here, talking to your beautiful friend. But I’m afraid it’s time for me to go now, also.”

He turned, and took Kelli’s hand. “I’m very much looking forward to Monday”, he said in a low voice. He raised her hand to his lips and brushed it, ever so lightly. “Thank you.” His eyes were intensely green, but as he turned, they almost looked deep blue. It was startling, and had a thrilling effect. Kelli’s stomach lurched. 

He turned, and before Kelli could quite recover from the sensation of his lips on her skin, he was gone.

“God, Kelli. Who IS he? You've struck gold there.” Nina picked up the business card and stared at it, intently, before handing it to Kelli.

"I don't know, something about HIM, looks..feels so familiar, Nina"

"Ya know, Kells, something about HIM also seems to, I don't know, seem familiar also.  The way he talks, just froze me, and I'll be honest, made me wet" 

Kelli was transfixed, staring at the door where she’d seen Jake exit the building. The whole room felt empty without him. Suddenly, she realized something, and started to laugh, softly. The whole time she’d been talking to Jake, she hadn't thought of her online mishaps. Not even once. Jake’s charm and attentiveness had pushed the thought right out of her mind. 

“What’s so funny, Kelli? Why the hell are you laughing?” Nina slurred.

“Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. Come on. Let’s get you home.”

Monday. Monday. Monday.  It was a mantra echoing through her brain. Seeing Jake again was all that Kelli could think about. The few days that passed between meeting Jake on Thursday night and his therapy appointment on Monday afternoon seemed like an eternity. Kelli found herself adding up the hours and moments until their first session. What was it about him? There was something so mysterious and appealing. She kept reminding herself that therapists weren't allowed to get involved with clients, but time and time again, she found herself replaying the events in the bar, over and over again. Kelli re-ran each and every detail of their conversation, trying to find clues as to who he was, and what their interaction on Monday might be like. She was incredibly excited, but was trying not to admit it to herself.

Nina wasn't much help, either. “My GOD”, she said over lunch the next day, “I cannot believe the chemistry that was there between the two of you. You do realize that it was completely electric, right? I kept thinking that the bar was going to burst into flames.  Do you seriously think that you are going to be able to keep him as a client without jumping him?”  She nibbled on the very tip of a bread stick, suggestively, and looked at Kelli, while batting her eyelashes

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  4. Loved this blog & the classy way Jake excused himself from the wild lady Nina

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