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Jake Furie Lapin:The Butterfly: Jake’s High School Prom Part 1

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I was quite a bit different from my peers throughout high school and as a result, I did not pursue women during those years as much as I did in later years.

However, one very memorable experience did occur around that time; it involved my high school senior prom.

Two weeks before the prom, all of my friends had found dates and I was left wondering if I’d be there by myself.  One weekday afternoon, I went over to hang out with a good high school friend of mine, James.  James was Asian-American, with a Chinese father and a Korean mother.  We’d been buddies for a while.  I also knew his older sister, Tina.  She was a sophomore in college, and it just so happened that she was home for the weekend.  I always had a little bit of a thing for Tina; she was petite, with long, dark hair and incredible dark tear dropped eyes.  Since my experience with Elaine several years before, I had developed a definite taste for older women (a sexual preference that would last for many years, throughout my more submissive stage), and Tina had been the subject of my fantasies more than once.  She often teased us after school getting dressed to shop at the mall, prancing in her underwear.  However, I always respected my friendship with James, and with Tina herself.

That weekend, Tina asked me if I had a date to the prom, and I told her that I didn't. To my surprise, she asked, “Why don’t you take me? I’d love to go with you!”  I was delighted, although shocked.  Little did I know that Tina was in the middle of an ugly breakup with her boyfriend; I found out long afterwards that she had been in revenge mode; seeking jealousy from her ex boyfriend.

In any case, I accepted her offer gratefully.  I didn't take it as any kind of sexual invitation, because of my friendship with the family, but I was thrilled at the idea of hanging out with Tina.

After the prom, it was the "in" thing at that time for everyone to head down to the Jersey Shore and stay there for the whole weekend, drinking and having sexual adventures.  I was still shy and reserved, but having Tina there was amazing, and we spent a lot of time just hanging out and talking, strolling on the beach, walking the boardwalk at night,  just the two of us. The long ride from my hometown to "the shore" would be something that would often occur in my life.

Right before the weekend ended, it was late one evening and Tina and I found ourselves in our room sprawled out on the bed, playing the Chinese tile game,  Mahjong.  Up to that point, we’d shared a bed platonically, even though I had to be careful not to get noticeably aroused sleeping next to her every night.  I even slept between the top sheet and cover so as to have a thin cotton layer between us. But this night was different.  Tina and I began having some very intimate conversations about my time in high school, and my sexual experiences in particular.

“So, have you ever been with a woman?” she asked me.

“Well, uh, yeah. One so far.”

She smiled at me. “And? How was it? Did you enjoy that?”

“I did…but I would like to have other experiences, too.  That one was a little bit…odd.”

Tina’s eyes softened.  Her eyes were vivaciously alive and intense, and really drew me in. I had the feeling she knew of the rumor of how I lost my virginity.

“Well, I can relate to things being awkward.  Sexual stuff can be pretty taboo in Asian cultures, so there was a lot I had to learn too.”

I was curious about her experiences, so I began asking her about Asian culture and we talked for another hour or so.  Tina was impressed how much I knew about Chinese and Korean culture already, including saying basic phrases, such as “Hello”, “thank you” and “please.”  She was equally impressed by my gaming skills and being able to pick up a penny with chop sticks, which all came from hanging out with her younger brother and parents after school.

As the night went on, I noticed she got quieter and quieter and was just looking at me with those intense, dark, almond eyes. Eventually, she reached over and put her hand on my arm.

“Jake, would you like me to demonstrate some Chinese massage techniques that I know?”

I just nodded.  We were both drinking that night more heavily than usual, and the sexual chemistry was definitely there between us.  She leaned over me then and started massaging my chest, gently.  She pushed me back so that I was lying flat on the bed, and slowly unbuttoned my shirt.  I was feeling very aroused, and lifted my hand to stroke her face and play with her long hair a little.  She softly grinned, pushed me back and bent down, brushing the bare skin of my chest with her lips.  Then, suddenly, she opened her mouth wider and flicked my nipples with her little pink tongue.  It felt absolutely amazing.

What happens next between Jake and Tina? Find out very soon in Jake’s next blog…


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  1. What is about proms and sex? If  your still a virgin this is the night to loose it. Jakes taste for older women  and  Tina sensing jakes vulnerability  is going to make for one interesting night.  This story is intriguing and can't wait to find out what happens ;)

  2. Seriously what is it with proms and sex? It must be a rite of passage into the next phase college life. Jakes experience sounds much more interesting and intriguing than my own. Hard line to draw between close friends and sex. Always worry that it'll ruin a friendship, make things awkward. Tina looks to be fierce and aiming right for the jugular. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

  3. I agree with Sea Princess & Maddzz. My prom night with my date seems pretty boring compared to Jake's. When I saw the revenge part, I was thinking poor Jake being a submissive yet again to another dom female who wants to use him to exact revenge on her ex. That's got to be a harsh feeling he must've felt when he found out the truth later on. I can't wait to find out what happens next. I'll be waiting on pins and needles until part two comes out. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long! : )

  4. Jake's prom was way more interesting than mine was. I feel bad for poor Jake always being taken advantage of by these older women. What vibe is he giving off that these women are seducing him? I can't wait to find out what happens next. As always love reading Jake's adventures!!!!!

  5. Never experienced a Prom. Was not the done thing when I was as school.
    It seems like Prom has been stereotyped as THE night to lose your virginity.
    We had the school disco. There was no spending the weekend together getting drunk and walking on the beach. There was nothing special about it. The unruly boys would turn up drunk and try and snog the easiest and not necessarily the prettiest girl behind the bleachers and then have a quick shag behind the school dumpster if she was willing.
    I never went with the unruly boys. I was sensible but i would love to have the Prom experience.
    Tina is older than Jake and in some ways I think she knows exactly what she wants and will get it no matter what. Revenge on her ex maybe or will this be threatening Jakes friendship with her brother?
    I'm eager to find out what happens next? Does he submit to her or is it the other way round?
    Can't wait for next installment.

  6. Prom does seem to be a night of sexual exploration for many...it was for me. In this post though, it makes me wonder if Jake will just be a meal consumed by an aggressive dominant woman or if he will get to fulfill a fantasy...or perhaps both? I hope part II comes soon so we can find out...such a tease!

  7. Never had any experience of proms but from the media it does seem that they are a sex fest. Nothing wrong with that as long as no one gets hurt.