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Jake Furie Lapin:The Butterfly: Jake's High School Prom Part 2

Tina’s massage and her tongue flicking my nipples was intensely arousing to me, but I suddenly became scared at the thought of damaging my friendship with her, and with her brother.  I sat up a little and pushed her away, gently.

“Tina…I, I just don’t know about this.  It feels weird.  I mean, I like you a lot and everything…but…”  I trailed off.

She smiled.  “What is it, Jake? Aren't you enjoying this?”

“Well, yes…but we've had so much fun hanging out.  I just don’t want to ruin our friendship or anything.”

Tina laughed.  “Oh, Jake.  I really appreciate the fact that you would even think of that! You’re so sweet! But don’t worry about it.  I like you too, and I value your friendship, but this doesn't have be anything more than a little bit of fun, between the two of us.  Are you cool with that? If you are, I am.  I promise.  I want you to see me as your little butterfly.  Can I be your butterfly, just this once?”

I couldn't resist, and simply laid back and pulled Tina’s head over me.  She bent down and started kissing me, slowly and passionately.  Still being quite inexperienced, I let her lead, and she gently probed my mouth with her tongue, alternating between playing with my upper and lower lips with hers, nibbling softly.

Tina then unzipped my jeans and drew out my cock.  She gasped a little and her eyes widened, as she took in my size.  She stroked my shaft and teased me with her mouth a little, licking and sucking up and down my cock.  I moaned and laid back, running my hands through her hair.

Eventually, she drew back and suddenly stood up.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

She replied, “I just need to get something out of my bag…” She went to her suitcase and drew out a long, silk scarf.  She came back to the bed and began to wrap the scarf around my eyes.  I stiffened a little, and she drew back.

“Is everything OK? Do you mind if I blindfold you?”

I was remembering Elaine.  It wasn't that I minded so much, it simply brought back a flood of intense memories.

“Um…it’s OK.  It just reminds me of something.  Can you just not use them and watch you enjoy me?”

Tina smiled again, and her eyes were soft and inviting.

“We don’t need to use it then.” she whispered.  With that, she lay the scarf aside, straddled me, and eased herself down over my rock hard cock. I was so hard that my cock was throbbing, aching almost painfully.  Her pussy around me was slick and smooth and incredibly tight. She started rocking back and forth, slowly and surely, leaning forward a little with her hands on my chest.

“Oh fuck, you feel so good” she said softly, “So thick and hard, why don’t you have a girlfriend, this makes no sense…” I knew what she meant, but she didn't understand how the parents always chastised their daughters for even knowing me.  If you weren't Irish American or Italian, you were in the minority in town, as she was being oriental.  Fortunately for her, her father owned the only Chinese restaurant in the area and was well liked. What would her ultra conservative parents think of me and her?

I’m not even sure how long we stayed in this position, but I know it was a while.  Tina took things slow, but I remember watching her face shift and change, as she began to move towards her climax.  It took her quite some time to take all of me inside her, and I watched the slight pain and she pushed to take me in deeper.  She pressed herself against me avidly, hungrily.  But she did something that was new to me: she looked deep into my eyes and held eye contact.  This made the entire sexual experience much more intense and meaningful.

Tina was getting closer and closer to cumming, moving wildly back and forth up and down my shaft, grinding her clit against me.  “Fuck, you are a keeper...” she again softly gasped out saying to me.  “Don’t fucking cum yet, I need to cum please, please just stay hard, I really really need this.” she demanded.  Just as Tina finally rocked forward in one final push and clenched around me in climax, digging her perfectly manicured nails into my back deep.  I let myself go as well, thrust upwards into her, and the rush of pleasure came to the two of us simultaneously.  We both cried out, loudly.  Tina stayed on top and kept me inside her for a few more minutes as she slumped forward, pressing her face into my neck.  Then she finally drew herself off and curled up next to me.  We laid there, for what seemed like hours, just holding each other, not saying a word. We both knew that we could never be together.  It was very intimate, and sweet.

That wasn't our only time together, as we stayed friends and kept in touch for many years afterwards.  Her rocky relationship with Ed went on and off, often with months being apart, and it wouldn't be uncommon for Tina to page me with 612 during her down times (or as cell phones came about, she would text me the same), the date I was labeled her butterfly, for a butterfly session.  She knew I didn't sleep around, and our sessions were always mind blowing, always ending with her head on my chest just wondering.  She even later got a butterfly tattoo on her hip as she got older, and I knew what it meant.  With Tina, my little butterfly, I got my first taste of what intimacy and passion could really be.  I will never forget her, for that reason.


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  1. The more I learn about Jake the more I want to know. I feel like I'm in the moment with him which compliments the writer.

  2. I am feeling so much right now....the emotions in this piece are thick and complex. MHS Pourri shows more sides and depth to Jake with each blog post. He is interesting, sympathetic, and obviously has hidden sides which I am itching to learn more about. We have all had people in our lives who add something significant, but may not play a leading role. This post makes me think of them and feel gratitude for what they have given me. I very much look forward to the next post!

  3. I'm so glad Jake had a better sexual experience with Tina this time around and learned about what intimacy and passion is all about. I only wish he had that same experience his first time with Elaine. MHS is an incredible storyteller who brings meaning into each and every blog that leaves the reader caring more and more about Jake as well as feeling all of the emotions he goes through in his journey. I can't wait for the next blog and where it takes Jake next!

  4. Jakes sexual experience with Tina was very tender. Elaine still has a hold over Jake when it comes to certain style sex. A painful hold.

  5. We are getting to know Jake better with every post. It is good to see him having a more gentle and intimate experience with Tina. They seem to have a good connection.
    The writing of MHS Pourri is very gripping and I am sucked into every story right away. I am looking forward to the next post already.

  6. I totally cried a little bit. I was worried that Jake would be taken advantage of and get hurt but it was a better experience for him. Too bad this couldn't be his first time. I must give Jake credit for speaking up about not wanting to ruin the friendship with her or her family. It takes a real man to put that before sex. I enjoy reading Jake's stories and learning more about him every time. Cant wait for the next one and can't help but love Jake. Truly a loving dom. ♥

  7. I agree with Angelica, there are not many men that would stop to think what would happen to the friendship. Can't wait to read more about Jake's transformation into a loving Dom.

  8. When making love and staring into each others eyes, I don't think there is anything else more intimate. There was definitely chemistry between Jake and Tina but also a deeper emotional connection that neither of them could allow to come to the surface to let a relationship flourish.
    I can't wait to find out more about Jake. He is unique.
    Awaiting the next installment with great anticipation.

  9. After that intenseness it's good that you were able to remain friends~~ Jackie

  10. I find you extremely intriguing. I need to read more.

  11. Very beautiful story to read made my heart melt AT some point ;-) THE passion THE tenderness is so beautiful.
    Wish I could experience this to one day, I hope so ;-)

  12. A lot of friendships come to an end when sex is thrown into the middle. It was a risk Jake took and luckily it paid off. She seems a lovely girl.

  13. A lot of friendships have suffered when sex is thrown in Jake took a chance and luckily it paid off. A lovely story