Monday, March 31, 2014

Kelli Lemberg: The Honeymoon Part 2

Paul and I hardly spoke the day after I got him with his pants around his ankles. I had sobbed quietly to myself alone in bed and then pretended to be asleep when he finally came out of the bathroom. He didn't say a word to me or touch me; he just crawled into the other side of the bed and was snoring within minutes.

The next day we started on our cruise. I was feeling nauseated because of the pregnancy and immediately knew that being on a ship wasn't going to help any. I spent the first day or two in the cabin, heaving. That didn't stop Paul, though. He was out basking in the sunshine next to the pool, sipping on cocktails all day long.

When he did finally come back to the cabin, he started telling me all about some new friends he’d met.

“Kelli, you gotta meet Steve and Lauren”, he said.  “They’re incredible. We’re having so much fun. Wanna join us for dinner tonight?”

I didn't, but I was sick of sitting around feeling ill, so I agreed to venture out.

Lauren was a sleek blonde, with bright blue eyes and breasts that were obviously not her natural size. They were gigantic. I disliked her immediately. It wasn't her looks – I wasn't that shallow – it was the way she moved, like every gesture was a calculated seduction. I also didn't like the way she fawned all over Paul. I could tell right away that she was going to be trouble.

Her husband, Steve, was not much better. He was slick and smooth, with the classic personality of a politician. He started flattering me the second he met me.

“Oh, Paul didn't tell us you were hot”, he commented, while holding my hand for just a little too long.

“Oh? How surprising.” I tried to sound cool and distant.

Then Lauren sidled up to me too. “No, he sure didn't”, she giggled, and then she laid her hand on my arm. I was startled at the familiarity.

Steve laughed, and then murmured something in Lauren’s ear. I couldn't quite hear what it was.

I didn't feel very comfortable, physically or emotionally. Paul seemed unnaturally close with this couple, somehow. What is going on?

As the evening progressed, all three of them drank heavily. Obviously, I stuck to soda water with lemon. Being sober, I could see how things were progressing. Lauren laughed, batted her eyelashes, and flipped her hair back and forth over her shoulder constantly.  She was wearing a strapless top and as the night went on, it slipped further and further down, showing most of her cleavage. It was also obvious that she wasn't wearing any bra; her nipples were clearly outlined. I could tell from how both men looked at her that she was arousing them. At one point, she placed her hand on Paul’s knee, and leaned in close to him, talking in a low tone while her hair fell forward and hid them both from view. I could see Paul’s erection, his cock stiffening, and the sight made me feel sick again.

I was about to excuse myself when I looked up and saw Steve staring at me. He was smiling, and there was an invitation in his smile. When I met his eye he turned, looked at Lauren’s hand, stroking Paul’s leg, and then back to me.

I didn't know what was happening, or didn't want to admit it to myself.

“Excuse me, I’m…I’m really not feeling well. I’m going to go back to the cabin.”

I stood up, and waited for a moment. Steve kept staring, and then looked away finally, with a bored expression. As for Paul? He didn't even look up, or notice I was gone.

I went back to the cabin and cried into my pillow again. Paul did come home that night, but not until 4am.

The next night, he didn't come home at all.

What MORE does Kelli learn about Paul on their honeymoon cruise? Part 3 coming soon…


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